Generation Y: We Are Young Not Stupid

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Guy Friends: Now and Then

“You may be the first attractive woman I haven’t wanted to sleep with.”  image via ...more

Unwanted Bad Advice

 “Don’t wait too long to get married, men don’t like woman who are too successful.”–a distant relative, I think, at a cousin’s wedding, NJ“Don’t move in with him before your married; he’ll never propose.”- a woman eavesdropping on my conversation in a restaurant, NYC“Don’t raise your children in the country; they’ll turn into skin heads.”- an intoxicated woman at a tapas bar, SPAIN...more

My Spanish Siesta

Santiago de Compostela, SpainLast week, many people ...more

The Meaning of True Romance

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Does A Bad Kisser = Bad Sex?

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” -Gone With The Wind...more

US Olympic Skaters: American Doesn't Mean White, Or Does It?

When I first showed my mother in law a picture of my family she said, "So your father's American and your mother's Filipino.""Well, both my parents are American citizens but yes, my father's Polish-American and my mother's Filipino-American."...more
I don't know much about figure skating either, but you raise good points regarding the question ...more

Cheers Grandpa

No matter how many times I experience loss, it never gets any easier. Every loss is different and significant. Even though I’m sure he’s at peace, one of the greatest men I’ve ever known passed away Saturday night, my grandfather....more

Define Slut

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Get It Together America

It's funny, I never expected that moving abroad would make me feel more American, but it has.  Here in Spain, I often find myself having to defend American culture to people who only know what they've been told or shown by the media. As you can imagine, it's not always well rounded.  In fact, it's often wrong....more