10 Ways to Handle One-Uppers

A Newfoundland Photo Essay

Where the air is salty and fresh, and rocky land meets the vast sea.Where old stories pass from one to another, and history is rich with adventure and wonder.Where food is hearty and homes are welcoming.Where our hearts are happy and time is always too short.Newfoundland. ...more

Mama Bear Moment: Your Kid Hurt My Kid

Seldom is there more anger than when a mama bear’s cub gets injured. Should a fellow kindergartner toss out a few typical teases, she’ll be forever labeled as a Mean Girl by the other mama bears, for certain. A boy who shoves another boy is a terrible bully. A child who hits must be hit at home. A kid who bites has “something wrong” with them. What is normal childhood behavior, and what is truly of concern? ...more
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You're the sing in my song

Today I held you in the pool, tightly against my body, memorizing the way the moment felt. I watched your uninhibited smiles, listened to your screams of happiness, and watched you dare to swim ever further from me, ever deeper. I dipped beneath the surface and watched your legs kicking through the water, arms fluttering. In the underwater silence I considered how many more years we'll have just like this....more

Delicious Summer Treats

Summer seems like the perfect time to have decadent treats with the kids, doesn't it? Here are a couple of the delicious treats we've made this week.Homemade "Magic Shell" Chocolate Topping1.5 C chocolate chips (we used milk chocolate)3 tbs virgin coconut oil...more

64 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

There’s a whole, awesome summer ahead of us that I’m excited to fill with fun stuff for me and the kids, but I accept that sometimes I’m just really all out of ideas on how to fill days or hours for them. My kids are only six and three, and still need a lot of guidance on how to entertain themselves, so I started writing a note about fun things we could do this summer with the idea of being mindful of our budget. We started writing things down together (the kids and I), and here’s our list so far. If you have things to add, let me know! ...more

Flourless Chocolate Banana Chia Muffin Recipe

I modified Maija’s blender muffin recipe (which we LOVE) and made these decadent chocolate banana chia muffins, and I have to tell you that these are the most delicious and easy muffins ever!...more

One man's trash...

DagmaraMach Hi Dagmara! Milk paint is a powder-based, all natural paint. It's perfect for giving ...more

The Right Thing to Say When Someone Mentions Parenting Choices, Breastfeeding, Circumcision and More...

So you're with a soon-to-be Dad and he mentions that they'll be circumcising their son. What do you say?You see a woman breastfeeding on a mall bench. What do you say?You're chatting with a friend about her experiences with bottle feeding. What do you say?Your friend tells you how his family co-sleeps. What do you say?You see a parent giving a baby a pacifier. What do you say?You watch a crying baby in a stroller. What do you say?Your friend is having lunch with you, when she cracks open a jar of baby food for her 4 month old. What do you say?...more

Daddy Does Chores = Daughter Succeeds?

Ugh, have you read the news? If you want your daughter to be a barrier-breaking dynamo with a skyrocketing career, Daddy better be rolling up his sleeves and scrubbing those toilets, ladies....more