The Girl in the Tree

When I was a little girl, I climbed every tree I could find....more

This Simple Life Lesson Could Change Life On the Internet

The only things I really want to ingrain into my kids are compassion, kindness and tolerance. If they want to become world-renowned physicists? Cool. If they decide to wait tables at the local Swiss Chalet? A-ok. If they’re not sporty or can’t paint a picture or don’t want to speak in public, whatever, that’s fine. But if they can’t bring themselves to treat another person with respect? I draw the line. More than anything, I believe in the importance of treating others with respect, owning our mistakes and apologizing when we cross lines, and being a decent human....more

The battle I choose not to fight

I've spent the better part of my life feeling inadequate.My efforts always fell short of expectations, my potential was always three steps ahead. And that's not all....more

How Not to do PR

I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to public relations and social media marketing, but I’ve got enough experience to know when it’s done poorly. I’ve been blogging since the dark ages of blogging, when nobody would dare ask for compensation for a product review, and I’ve seen how the landscape has shifted (and I love it, frankly). I’ve watched people build names for themselves via Twitter, and end up with careers managing brands’ social media platforms, or admired them working hard promoting new products. They make solid income doing this....more
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The Problem With Beauty

As humans, we seek beauty, don't we? The beautiful sunset, a beautiful flower, elegant beauty in movement and composition, words strung together in beautiful ways, beauty in people -- I think it's normal. I think it's ok to want to seek beauty and feel beautiful....more

Adjusting Facebook Privacy Settings

Every once in awhile, it's smart to take a look at your personal Facebook profile page to make sure the privacy settings are set to your comfort level. They change things up around Facebook regularly, so sometimes you may think you're on lockdown when really, there are openings into your profile you may not want public. Here are some tips to help adjust your settings....more

10 Ways to Handle One-Uppers

A Newfoundland Photo Essay

Where the air is salty and fresh, and rocky land meets the vast sea.Where old stories pass from one to another, and history is rich with adventure and wonder.Where food is hearty and homes are welcoming.Where our hearts are happy and time is always too short.Newfoundland. ...more

Mama Bear Moment: Your Kid Hurt My Kid

Seldom is there more anger than when a mama bear’s cub gets injured. Should a fellow kindergartner toss out a few typical teases, she’ll be forever labeled as a Mean Girl by the other mama bears, for certain. A boy who shoves another boy is a terrible bully. A child who hits must be hit at home. A kid who bites has “something wrong” with them. What is normal childhood behavior, and what is truly of concern? ...more
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You're the sing in my song

Today I held you in the pool, tightly against my body, memorizing the way the moment felt. I watched your uninhibited smiles, listened to your screams of happiness, and watched you dare to swim ever further from me, ever deeper. I dipped beneath the surface and watched your legs kicking through the water, arms fluttering. In the underwater silence I considered how many more years we'll have just like this....more