#IBelieveSurvivors -- This is my story

I don't know if anyone is really surprised by the Ghomeshi ruling. Not guilty on all counts. I won't go into the details of the case -- I'm not sure it's possible to live anywhere in North America and not have an idea of what the case was all about. And that's not why I'm writing this anyway. It's not about him....more

If You Pay Crap, Expect Crap in Return

I blog because I feel compelled to share opinions here, to share my creative work, and also to connect with others. I'm a writer because my heart lives in the words I string together, and nothing is more rewarding than knowing my words impact others positively. But, I'm also lucky to be able to earn an income through blogging (both here and at Irritated By Allergies). Blogging for dollars is a hustle, and it's a constantly changing gig....more

Like an Elephant on My Chest: The Enduring Grief of Miscarriage

(Trigger warning: Miscarriage/babyloss) My daughter's been asking to go to the Science Centre for ages. We took the kids once, but didn't get to see everything, and we've been meaning to go back ever since. So, we decided to wrap up our amazing summer with a visit there on the last Friday of the break. It was so fun. Both kids are at great ages for enjoying the wonders of the place. There's so much to do, so many things to learn. We were having a truly wonderful day together. ...more
@MommyPowers-Lynda Thorn Oh my. Big hugs to you, too.more

You're not a writer, you're just a blogger

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and blogging since around 2002. I've watched the blogging world change and develop (and watched myself do the same). Even though blogging's been around a long time now, I think we're all still learning how to effectively use blogs for a number of things -- to write, to connect, to advertise, to make money. They're all legitimate uses, of course. And everyone's got their own opinions on how to do it properly....more

I'm the opposite of brave

I've always liked living inside my comfort zone, and I have a history of not challenging myself. If something's not a breeze, I always walked the other way. I've been a very big fan of the path of least resistance. But as it turns out, all those annoying motivational sayings are true...more

It's OK to not be OK

The Girl in the Tree

When I was a little girl, I climbed every tree I could find....more

This Simple Life Lesson Could Change Life On the Internet

The only things I really want to ingrain into my kids are compassion, kindness and tolerance. If they want to become world-renowned physicists? Cool. If they decide to wait tables at the local Swiss Chalet? A-ok. If they’re not sporty or can’t paint a picture or don’t want to speak in public, whatever, that’s fine. But if they can’t bring themselves to treat another person with respect? I draw the line. More than anything, I believe in the importance of treating others with respect, owning our mistakes and apologizing when we cross lines, and being a decent human....more

The battle I choose not to fight

I've spent the better part of my life feeling inadequate.My efforts always fell short of expectations, my potential was always three steps ahead. And that's not all....more

How Not to do PR

I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to public relations and social media marketing, but I’ve got enough experience to know when it’s done poorly. I’ve been blogging since the dark ages of blogging, when nobody would dare ask for compensation for a product review, and I’ve seen how the landscape has shifted (and I love it, frankly). I’ve watched people build names for themselves via Twitter, and end up with careers managing brands’ social media platforms, or admired them working hard promoting new products. They make solid income doing this....more
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