Thrift Blitz Episode Two

When Value Village emailed me last week to say that they were having a 50% off book sale and wouldn't I please come I was all, hitch up the horse, babe - we're going to the city! {Just between you and me...I don't have horses BUT my neighbour does and sometimes I like to watch them from the window with a cup of tea in my hand and pretend I'm in a Jane Austen novel.} I love books. Books ....more

How To Be A Child Bride

It's simple really.Be a teenager in love....more

How To Make A Good Thanksgiving Out Of A Bad Week

It's bound to happen once in a while, isn't it? A bad week? An entire five days of the Mondays? ...more

{Sponsored Post} Blurb Goes Global! Exclusive 25% off on Canadian & Australian Blurb Photo Books

It was only a matter of time before the easiest and most comprehensive way to publish photographic art made its way to other countries—Canada and Australia, you are the lucky ones! Blurb, the complete publishing platform, is making its global debut, and in the process they would like to celebrate with 25% off photo books for our Australian friends with code: AUSTRALIA25 and 25% off photo books for our Canadian friends with code: CANADA25. Photo books are the perfect unique, handmade gift for the holidays, and a wonderful way to start off a new publishing relationship with Blurb ....more

Turning My Grey Complaining Into Orange Gratitude

It's downright gloomy outside and the wood hissed at me when I tried to light a fire yesterday. I hate being cold and I hate wearing socks and I hate how busy everything feels and I hate how grumpy all this hate makes me.Because I'm not a hateful person.I'm a glass-half-full, look-for-the-silver-lining kind of girl.I'm a second-piece-of-pie, get-lost-in-a-good-book kind of girl.I'm an always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life kind of girl.So, while the wind howls and the leaves take their final death dive, I've got to make my own sunshine by taking the best of the season and costuming my home. And by the best of the season, I mean orange ....more

10 Ways To Help Your Children Remember A Loved One Who Has Passed Away

Memory is a living, breathing thing and it's death presents the moment we stop remembering.  There's something of the immortal in it - something eternal that follows us as long as we let it - a fingerprint, left behind by the one who left us behind. ...more

10 Ways To Remember A Loved One

Memory is a living, breathing thing and it's death presents the moment we stop remembering....more

My Blogging Tool Box

Blogging is a lot of work. Fun work, but work non-the-less. {It's no wonder people can make a full time job out of it.} Every blogger has their own approach, their own set of tools to get the job done and it's fascinating to find out what others put into their blogs because everyone attacks the Job-That-Is-Blogging just a little differently ....more

"What's Your Passion?" The Conversation Every Couple Needs To Have

"What's your passion?" he asked me. "You aren't allowed to say family or your work. What are five other things you're passionate about....more
JoAnneApple Alanna Rusnak LOVE IT!!!more

Have You Thought About Living Today?

We were having dinner when it happened. We were doodling with crayons on the brown paper table covering and I was complaining that my fish was overcooked and just down the road somebody was dying while I reduced the importance of my own living to the crunchy crust on my restaurant fillet. I was being ungrateful while a life was ending in a rolled car ....more