How To Be Strong In Your Weakness {unlocking your true self}

I am proudly introverted....more

Thrift Blitz Episode Three

It has been three months since the last episode of Thrift Blitz....more

I Want To Go Back To High School {not really, but kind of}

I look upon him and I can't believe the passage of time....more

Top 10 Posts From 2014

2014 is already long gone....more

35 Favourite Things in Honour of 35 'Glorious' Years

Yesterday was my birthday....more

The Evolution of a Writer's Room {Part Six - the final reveal}

{go to Part One - Space & Paint}{go to Part Two - Furniture} {go to Part Three - Soft Things}{go to Part Four - Walls & Things}{go to Part Five - It's the Little Things} Finally!I almost, nearly, completely unplugged myself from the internet world over the Christmas season....more

Will One School Concert Really Ruin Your Week? {A Challenge to all Parents}

JennaHatfield You're absolutely right - every child is different and a parent should never have ...more

Will One School Concert Really Ruin Your Week? {A Challenge to all Parents}

Last week my younger two were part of their school Christmas Concert....more

Just An Update...

Gee whiz, has it been quiet around here! November was a swirling vortex of inspirational chaos as I tackled NaNoWriMo, fought sickness, wrote, showed up for my day job, wrote, spent a night at The Fanciest Hotel In The World {at least in my own puny experience}, wrote, kept three other humans alive, and WROTE. By November 28th I had written 50,405 words....more

Oh Deer

I'm driving....more