10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE We Left On a Road Trip

Wash the inside of the windshield....more

How To Plan {and prepare for} A Road Trip

Road Tripping {a save your sanity series} Part Four So, by now we've established that I might overdo it a little bit when it comes to planning....more

Smart Momma Snack Plan

Road Tripping {a save your sanity series} Part Three If you asked any parent to name the things that drive them crazy about traveling with kids, I'll bet some rendition of these three sentences, spoken in a desperate, nearing death whine, would make the list:Are we there yet?How much further?I'm starving to death - what can I eat?I can't do much about the first two questions except to be sure to pack enough entertainment options to speed up the clock - but as for the poor starving children who are wasting away to nothing in the backseat...I've got a plan for that. I found perfect snack containers at the Dollar Store....more

Making a Road Trip Binder

Road Tripping {a save your sanity series} Part Two I don't want to be mistaken for a crazy OCD lady {think Monica Geller on Friends} but I really do believe that careful planning results in great success. In keeping with yesterday's focus on organization, today I bring you The Road Trip Binder. There is a lot of paperwork to keep organized when you take off on a road trip - there are maps and hotel confirmations and addresses and insurance papers and passports {if you're crossing a border} ....more

Road Tripping {a

Road Tripping {a save your sanity series} Part One ...more

Road Tripping {a save your sanity series}

All the Road Tripping posts in one place for easy reference. Part One: Make a Backseat Organizer Out Of Old Jeans Learn how I turned three pairs of 'past their prime' jeans into this adorable backseat organizer that simply hangs from the front seat head rest by it's own waistline. A wonderful upcycled way to organize all the activities that you hope will keep your children busy, happy and fight-free while on a long road trip! ...more

Do You Like Coffee? Then You're Going To Love This!

Two weeks ago I burned the last piece of wood in our basement woodroom and it was far too cold to go dig out the barn for more wood....more

One Adorable Cookie Monster

I would like to let you think that I'm one of those mother's who lives in the kitchen with flour on her nose and the constant smell of fresh baking wafting through the house....more

I Vow To Be a Sweetheart of an Old Woman

I came out of staff meeting today to find a present waiting on my desk - decked out in vintage flowered paper like Spring had begun to bloom right there in my office."Why is there a present on my desk?" I called out....more