Make It Monday ~ My 1 Step Song Writing Process

When I decided I wanted to learn guitar my mother arranged for me to borrow one that sat in the our pastor's basement collecting dust....more

Spring? Is That You?

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Road Trip Survival Tips - 10 Things That Make Everything Better

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I've Heard of Blood Sausage Before {tales from the road}

Maple syrup is made by cooking the sap of a maple tree until it thickens....more

Pooping Under Lincoln {tales from the road}

He's got coolness down to an art but, poor thing, sometimes even cool has to take a back seat to bodily functions... When you look at a tourist map of The National Mall in Washington DC it doesn't seem terribly overwhelming; in fact, it tempts you to say 'of course we can walk that and see all the sites in one day.'...more

10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE We Left On a Road Trip

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How To Plan {and prepare for} A Road Trip

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Smart Momma Snack Plan

Road Tripping {a save your sanity series} Part Three If you asked any parent to name the things that drive them crazy about traveling with kids, I'll bet some rendition of these three sentences, spoken in a desperate, nearing death whine, would make the list:Are we there yet?How much further?I'm starving to death - what can I eat?I can't do much about the first two questions except to be sure to pack enough entertainment options to speed up the clock - but as for the poor starving children who are wasting away to nothing in the backseat...I've got a plan for that. I found perfect snack containers at the Dollar Store....more