Blog Guilt {3 things to tell youself when you just don't have the time}

I have found myself struggling to fit in the time to blog recently....more
shopping_links BlogHer I loved reading this article! Quality definitely trumps quantity!!more

Your Ultimate Guide To Drive-In Movie Fun

 Tires crunch against the gravel as you pull away from the o...more

Grace {When You Leave Your Heart Behind}

They've grated the road....more

You Don't Know How Beautiful You Are

The ruts are deep and jar us violently but we laugh through it - the red wagon rocking and us sitting on bales of clean straw as we traverse the Holst...more

Insults Will Not Define Me: Surviving Internet Bullies

When my parenting post received international recognition I was thrilled.  Trying to break into a writing world that's already so noisy is not easy and any little crack that lets you whisper through is a huge victory as far as I'm concerned.  But recognition means more people.  ...more

The Things I Forgot About Babies {Reminders For Care-Takers Who Have Been Out Of The Baby Game For Too Long}

Some people are made for babies. I am not one of them. There has been no harder stage of life for me than when I had mini people in my house. A seeming endless forever of waiting for them to become complete humans*; for vibrant personalities and meaningful conversations and for thinking myself more than a frumpy, bouncing milk machine....more

Dear Walmart Father: Children Are Like Flowers

I understand that you've probably had a tough day. The dirt on your jeans and the stains on your hands tell me that you've worked hard. The slant of your eyebrows and the furrow of your forehead tell me that you are tired, that you'd rather be at home watching Storage Wars, that this is the last place on earth you want to be: here with your lovely wife and two beautiful children. How old is your son? Four? Five? He oozes a bright curiosity that reminds me of my own. ...more
Lovely post and a great reminder. Wish I had read it when my kids were little. Perspective is so ...more

Why I Didn't Turn Off The Radio: Exposing My Children To The Truth About Hate

The night was heavy as we drove home from town. Worship practice had ended and the kids were weary, having just completed a wild giggling Nerf gun/light sabre war in the church foyer....more