Hugging Hillary Clinton: A Canadian Response to the US Elections

When we finally turned off the news feeds and went to sleep on Monday night, the race was too close to call. My spirit was unsettled. Nerves pulsed through me like the moments before walking onto the school stage in seventh grade when I gave a speech in front of community judges about Beethoven. ...more

My NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

The end of October arrived, a nearly naked branch poised to let its final leaf fall. There's a smell to it—cold and faintly death-like—all that summer beauty rotting into a crunchy path that we track into the house no matter how hard we try not to. Ten cords of firewood were delivered in a manure spreader and dumped in front of our barn. Half of it remains, waiting to be piled....more

Buck Up Princess, You're In The Big Leagues Now

A sparrow died. Its tiny heart sputtered, a wing trembled like the first stirrings of an unborn child, and then it was all over. Its stillness became absolute and a minute hole opened in the fabric of the world, the gel of life pulsing to mend it back, stitching up that chasm before one more creature could slip away. I watched it like a film reel....more
Yep...hating the haters only makes more hate. Good for you.more

Why You Should Alert a Writer to a Spelling Mistake

It had been a good day. I felt positive. I'd checked a lot of to-do's off my list at work, plus I was wearing one of those outfits that make me feel fancier than I am on the inside and, you know, that just perks a girl up, being all mysterious and whatnot. Anyway. I was happy. Then I came home and before I even got through my first sentence, my husband was all, "You've got something in your teeth." ...more
gingerandscotch Oh yeah - name mistakes are the WORST! I'm always thankful when those ...more

When A Bad Week Brings Out Your Worst Self

"You doing any better?" he asked. I finished doing up the last button on my winter coat {Did you get that? Winter coat? It's April!} and cinched the belt tight at my waist. I tried to smile. I tried to give a nice 'it's all good' but all I could muster was a grimace and a weak shake of my head. "I'm miserable!" "How do you deal with it?" "What? A crap week?" He nodded. "I cry," I said....more
goodnessmadness Yeah...they can't all be perfect. And why is it that everything has to go wrong ...more

How To Pack For A Writer's Conference

Writing is a private affair....more
goodnessmadness Thanks so much! You just made my morning!!! :)more

How To Make The Best Of A Whirlwind Vacation

Making a '24 Hour Hotel Holiday' count.VACATION: late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vacatio(n-), from vacare ‘be unoccupied’ ...more

Love Languages (or Why Valentine's Day is Stupid)

At some point during my formative years there was a Love Languages movement that plummeted the shores of this great continent, a near tsunami of pure wisdom that would surely end all war and stitch together every rift that a couple might encounter....more

The Great Netflix Conspiracy

The creator's of Netflix believed they were doing the world a favor when they punched the sky with their "I've got an idea" finger; they didn't consider their thoughtlessness when making this entertainment continuously available. They didn't think about the collateral damage. They didn't realize the adverse effects on creatives, who should be poured into their craft - not poured into How To Get Away With Murder....more
LineJacque Oh yes...Breaking Bad - that certainly stole MANY precious hours from my life!!! But ...more

The Virtues of a Beta Reader

This is a strange and wonderful stage of the process I find myself in. Not only have I pulled together a complete manuscript, but now perfect strangers are reading it....more