The Great Netflix Conspiracy

An Argument For NaNoWriMo

 NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month....more

10 Signs You May Be A Writer

Writer's move to their own beat and it's only through accepting their personal rhythm and embracing the call that they can feel ready to proudly say, "I AM WRITER, HEAR ME ROAR TYPE!" No one can tell you you're a writer. Only YOU can make that claim....more

Talking Teenage Internet Addiction

He sat uncomfortably, chewing the inside of his cheek, eyes shifting between us with a look that bounced from nervous to annoyed to nervous....more

How To Survive Your Husbands Trip To Vegas

So your husband is going to Las Vegas. How wonderful for him. {Did that come across as sarcastic? Because that's what I was going for - sarcasm - which I will deal with promptly in point #1 so please don't hold it against me!} I slept alone last week as the Vegas strip was blessed with the footsteps of my other half. He flew down to join his friends who were competing in a pool tournament....more

The Sober Girl's Guide To Throwing A Fabulous Party

Over the weekend we hosted our third annual summer party - - a two-night epic extravaganza that includes watching the sun come up, laughing until your face hurts, and dancing in the barn. The only rule: No Kids Allowed. We didn't keep track of official numbers, but my best guess is somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy people, all of whom left their inhibitions (and children) at home to join in the festivities....more

Put A Rainbow On It ~ How To Dye Your Hair With Food Colouring

When I was fifteen and away at leadership camp, my girlfriend and I walked downtown during our afternoon free time, bought some 30¢ packages of Kool-Aid from the corner convenience store, returned to the camp bathroom and proceeded to turn our heads {and the camp sinks} bright pink.* When I was sixteen and decided that Kermit didn't know what he was talking about and it would, in fact, be easy being green, I took my mothers food colouring and painted a long, dark streak through the hair on the right side of my face.** When my six-year-...more

Have I Been Living In Sin?


Dear Writers: Don't Fall Victim to Word Count Shaming

I'm quite sure it's not intentional, that stab that slices at my self-worth when I see those numbers posted....more
PoppiesandPinot I'm with you. I tend towards the long-winded. Twitter and its shortness - a ...more