My Five Faves on Friday – 01.23.15 Edition

It’s Friday so you know what that means. ...more

Things I Suck At

Last week I read a blog post by April over at Our Little Love about all the things she’s not so great at. ...more

Texts With My Husband

I realize Tim and I can be pretty strange. ...more

Frozen On Ice

One of the things we really tried to push this past Christmas season was limiting the sheer volume of gifts our kids would receive. ...more

My White Whale

This has been an ongoing saga in my life for the past year and a half. ...more

The Best Beer & Cheese Soup Ever

One of the things I love about Tim is his willingness to try anything once. ...more

Christmas Recap

This is our first week back into our normal routine after the marathon that was December. ...more

What I Really Want to Tell Parents-to-Be

I’ve gone through the first home, engagement, wedding phases of my social life; now I’m in the baby phase. My mailbox is filled with invitations to baby showers, and my Facebook feed is one post after another of grainy ultrasound images announcing the impending birth of a friend’s baby. I am genuinely happy for everyone who shares such news. Some people have struggled to get pregnant or stay pregnant. Others became pregnant the second they thought to try for a baby. ...more
SarahSideways In the middle of years of infertility (rough road, congratulations!), a friend ...more