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Disclaimer: ...more

My Kryptonite

I am the furthest thing from Super Mom. ...more


When you have anxiety, confidence can be hard to come by. ...more

“We’re All Americans”

Friday night, Tim & I attended the Philly Pops courtesy of the USO. ...more

Anxiety & the Housekeeping

I spent close to $400 having our home professionally cleaned on Wednesday. ...more

How a Hashtag Is Causing More Problems

It’s taken me almost a week to gather up the courage and the patience to write this post. ...more

I Said I’d Do It

And I did it…again. ...more

Home Is…

…where my bed is. …where my own bedroom is separate from the children. …where my cat isn’t but my husband can’t remember that fact ....more

It’s Here!!!!!!!!!!!

I have waited all year. Through all the snow in January and February. Actually, Elsa, it totally bothers me ....more

Gratitude and Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving so of course my Facebook feed will be full of posts about all the things that people are grateful for today. ...more