Time to Say Good-Bye Here

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written in the space and I’ve finally come to the decision to shutter the doors. In a few weeks, this site will go dark and I won’t be back here. It’s a sad moment but it’s almost time ....more

I Have An Opinion and I’m Not Sorry

There’s a new trend in blog posts....more

Our Farewell Tour

We’re about three weeks away from our move to Long Island and as we go about our normal lives I can’t help but find myself thinking this may be the last time I’m doing things here. In some cases it’s ridiculous and in other cases it’s all so true. The majority of our families...more

What We Did On Our Jamaican Vacation

We’ve been back from Jamaica for well over a month now and I’m still wishing we were there. It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. The location and the travel companions were awesome! ...more

What I’ve Been Reading

While I haven’t been busy writing here in the last two months, I haven’t been letting my brain completely atrophy. I’ve been doing writing for clients and myself but I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. I usually go through cycles of reading, for a few months I’ll have book after book lined up.. ....more

Stuck in Neutral

You know that feeling when you’re all set to pull out of a parking space and you hit the gas and all you hear is the acceleration of the engine but the car doesn’t actually go anywhere? That’s what I feel like right now. I’m all ready to go but I can’t go anywhere yet... ....more

4 Years Old

Dear Sophia, This letter is well overdue and for that I apologize. Anymore, it seems as if life is rushing by and we’re trying to keep up the pace alongside it. You’re four now and it seems so hard to believe that you’re no longer a baby and that you are...more

The Big News

I alluded to some big news and then left you hanging. I hate when other bloggers do that and then I turned around and did the very same thing. ...more

Stay Tuned

*taps internet* Is this thing still on? It’s been six weeks since I posted here. That is officially the longest I’ve ever gone on break from here ....more