2 Years

Dear Jack, I’m writing this letter to you sitting next to you in your bedroom. You are sitting in your new recliner, naked, reading a...more

Is Butter a Carb?

Normally we don’t exclude a specific thing from our diets, Tim and I believe in a moderation approach to eating....more

A Breath of Fresh Air

This winter was rough for me. I think last winter had worse weather than this year but for some reason this winter sucked the life out of me. In general, winter always turns up the dial on my anxiety ....more


Let’s talk about...more

I’ll Be Able to Say “I Had An Idea”

Often when a serial killer is discovered and apprehended the local media will interview the wahoo neighbors and you’re almost guaranteed to hear at least one person say “We had no idea he was like this. ...more

When I Spread My Words Too Thin

I’ve been ignoring this space for the past month, maybe more. ...more

Scallops with Bacon, Peas, and Linguine

I’ve been hard pressed to find something to share with you lately, but food always brings me back. ...more

Can You Reinvent Yourself? #StreamTeam

This month Netflix asked me to write about reinventing myself. ...more

What Made Me Smile Last Week

It’s usually this point in the winter that I reach my breaking point. Compared to last winter, the weather and snow hasn’t been that bad but we’ve still be obligated to stay inside for the majority of it and our options for indoor entertainment are limited. ...more