Will You Be Ready?

"In life there are no guarantees." We here this statement quite often and dismiss the reality and the meaning of it. With airplanes vanishing into thin air, people driving their children into the ocean, and individuals dying of overdoses. The question remains will you be ready for eternity? Certainly, no one wakes up knowing if today will be there last day on earth. But do we make the most of our time while we are here? Are we loving, faithful, kind, patient, and peaceful. Does our life show that we are God's children?...more

Inspirational Quote

I am beautiful because I was created in his image.........Genesis 1:27 "So God made man like his Maker."...more

Be Careful Of What You Speak On

I read the bible, often searching for truths to guide me on my spiritual journey. Recently the Lord has been dealing with me about slander.  Sure, I have read scriptures about slander but I definitely didn't think I was guilty of doing such a thing. ...more

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

I have always had a difficult time with helping my brother who is 7 years younger. We grew up in a broken home, we don't share the same father and my mother always showed him favor. So I was jealous about a lot of things growing up. I always felt that he had it easier and was given more. With that being said, we are both adults now. We live very different lifestyles. He currently has a little girl and has a son on the way. He is not married nor does he have any plans on getting married. As you may know I have an 8 year old son and I'm married.  ...more

Love In Action

Today my husband and I along with my 8 year old son decided to go for an early morning walk. Its been a really harsh winter where I live. So we were excited that it has finally warmed up enough to go out and do some outdoor walking. Instead of walking on a treadmill which can be boring sometimes.  ...more

Being A Stagnate Christian Is Not An Option

This week I set out on this quest to love the people that I come into contact with everyday. The Lord has been so gracious with His love, I thought it would be good if I put the scriptures that I have read into action with my daily life instead of absorbing what I've read and not growing or being fruitful. I decided whether people treated me nicely or not, I would still show love and have a good attitude. I planned on complimenting individuals, holding the door, giving money, and my time. ...more

Tithing Put Me In Debt

There is no debate as to whether we should tithe or not. The Bible constantly talks about tithing.  Read: Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Numbers. But when do you draw the line on how much you should give?...more
From reading most of the comments here, it doesn’t appear the concept of the tithe is fully ...more

Why Do I Need To Show Love?

A couple of days ago I decided I needed to get out of my daily routine of cleaning, cooking, washing etc. and do something different. I live in an area where we've been hit with the snow, ice and cold constantly since winter started. So I decided to get a pedicure and take my mother-in-law along with me. We have visited several salons in our area over the past 19 years and haven't been very successful in finding the salon that we really like. So we agreed on trying out a new salon.  ...more

Are Church Leaders Greedy????

The other day I was waiting in the parking lot of my sons school before his dismissal. I was listening to the Bible while in the car and Moses was giving the Israelites the instructions that he had been given by God on how to build the tabernacle in Exodus 35-36. He told the Israelites, whoever felt in their heart to give they should give to assist in the building of the tabernacle....more

Does Not Going To Church Not Make Me A Christian???

Well I have struggled with this question throughout my spiritual journey. According to my now ex-christian friends I am not a "real" christian. As a child I went to church every Sunday and sat on a pew and didn't understand or know a thing other than God was something good. Now as an adult I have gone to several churches and ALL of them in some form or fashion have ridiculed me. ...more
renewyou2 I'm sorry that sucks but I'm glad you haven't experienced that again....I sure will ...more