Are We Raising a Generation of Non-Handwashers?

I went back to college last year. I learned a lot of stuff. Things like…I think I get smarter as I age.I’m still not a huge fan of History.I wish I would’ve gone to college right after high school or at least before I had kids.19 year olds think I’m old.A lot of parent’s hard earned money is being wasted.19 year olds are annoying.85% of women don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom....more
aliciayork212  Hi Alicia! I only use sanitizer if I need to clean my hands and can't get to a ...more

Fighting Breast Cancer: The strength of fear.

It takes an unbelievable amount of strength to carry on as if everything is fine.To not let the fear of what's to come consume you and the fear of the unknown debilitate you.Everyday is a new day with new challenges and many blessings.But everyday is also the same because the same thoughts and fears haunt you....more

How to spend less than $400 at the grocery store without coupons for a family of four.

 I have a family of four. I go to the grocery store weekly. I spend less than $400 dollars a month to feed my family without clipping coupons.Why no coupons?...more

She's 32, has three young children, a loving marriage and Breast Cancer.

 I’m a nail painter.It’s not always an easy thing to keep up on, but I do it.Actually, it’s a pain in the ass…but I like the way it looks when they’re done....more

A candid letter to my 27 year old self.

A lot of the blogs I follow and LOVE have been on a kick with writing letters to their younger selves, and I’ve been wanting to do it but couldn’t decide which “me” I should write to.  A lot of people write to their young teenage self telling them to “hang in there” and “shit gets awesome” but shit WAS awesome for me.  I had a great boyfriend.  Pretty much that’s what ...more
This is so cool! Sometimes we need to hear from our inner selves to give us a kick in the butt!more

I was unprepared for how difficult her first day of school would be. For me.

I remember it vividly.  The day was warm. I was wearing a tank top and black capris.  I had butterflies in my stomach and felt a weird combination of anxiety, fear and abandonment.  She was abandoning me.  I don’t hold a grudge, she had no choice.  And she was happy....more

This would be a funny post if it wasn't true, or if I was talking about someone else.

This would be a funny post if it wasn’t true, or if I was talking about someone else.A perk to never doing my hair and makeup and living in pajamas is when I DO do myself all up, I look totally different.  Like, wow! You clean up real nice!  Dennis was all, “Is that a new shirt?  Where did you get those jeans?”  Yea, I was even making my clothes look good....more

Fishing on Facebook

I’m a Facebook whore.I’ve loved it since day one.I’m nosy.  If you’re my friend, know that I’ve looked at all your photos.  Probably more than once.  I know your kids names, and what they look like.My personal page is reserved for my personal friends, or people I’ve actually met.  Or saw.  Or passed by in the hallways at school 20 years ago.  You know, people I’m close with....more

Hi, I'm mom. That burnt, cold food must be mine.

My life will never be the same after having kids.  It’s ok.  I have no choice but to accept it, so I have.  With all the love, hugs and pride I experience as Mom, I also deal with a bucket full of bullshit. Whenever somebody pukes, pees or shits on the floor I get to clean it up… “Hey mom, I know you’re in the shower but the dog pooped in the livingroom…”Ever since the kids came along Dennis assumes I no longer want to sleep in.  “Well, you get up with the kids so…” Um…yea.  Because I HAVE to....more

I lost my kid.

I lost my kid.At Kohls.She was two years old at the time, my oldest was four.My husband and I were vacation-clothes shopping for our upcoming family trip to visit his sisters in California.It’s always better for both of us if we split up while shopping-he’s a gawker and a browser.  I’m a find-what-I-need-try-it-on-get-the-hell-out kind of shopper so we do better alone.  He takes one kid, I take one kid-it just works. ...more
Been there, done that.  Darn kids!more