Breaking News: LEGO Fails Girls (Again)

Oh LEGO. You’ve gone and done it again.In April 2012 representatives from your company met with SPARK.  After that meeting I had such hope that there would be change in your approach to toy design. Admittedly, I let things slide. I got busy and stopped paying attention for a while so I didn't know where things stood. Then today I saw this:...more

Drunk in Love: What Does This Video Say About Male Sexuality?

I wrote a post earlier this year in reference to Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show in which I asked all kinds of questions about whether her performance was empowering or objectifying. I recalled that post today when I saw a news item about her new video, Drunk in Love, which features her husband, Jay-Z. Out of curiosity about how she is presenting herself now, I decided to watch....more

Domestic Violence Affects Men Too

Hollywood actor Emma Roberts was recently arrested in Montreal on domestic violence (DV) charges. She and her boyfriend had gotten into a heated dispute that attracted the attention of other guests in the hotel where they were staying. Police were called and found Roberts' boyfriend, Evan Peters, with a bloody nose and bite marks. Ms. Roberts was then arrested and taken into custody, but later released when Mr. Peters declined to press charges....more

Kids' Swimwear: Boys Aren't Made to Look Sexy, So Why Are Girls?

"Here's what I want you focused on: Sexy adult swimwear (totally okay) being made into miniature versions for children as young as four (totally not okay)." These words appeared in a post by my friend Melissa Wardy written in response to a story about Gwyneth Paltrow endorsing designer Melissa Odabash's bikinis for little girls. As Melissa (Wardy) emphasizes in the piece, there is nothing wrong with age-appropriate two-piece bathing suits for girls, but shrinking a suit designed for an adult female body and placing it on a little girl is wrong....more
I find it interesting, my mother had me in bikinis when I was a little one in the 60's.  They ...more

Beyoncé at the Super Bowl: Empowered or Objectified?

Given that Super Bowl halftime is all about the spectacle and almost never about the music—hence the ridiculous stages with crazy technical features like last night’s pop-up screen that showed the audience multiple Beyoncés all at once—I figured that even if I didn’t like the music, I could witness the spectacle and maybe learn more about why Beyoncé is such a dominant force in music. On that score, I’m somewhat conflicted. ...more
I meant sexuality.more

Disney's "Brave": Not for the Faint of Heart

The highly anticipated Brave arrived in theatres Friday. I was anxious to see what Pixar achieved with its first female protagonist so I snuck out for a matinée sans children. Having read on Common Sense Media that there were “a couple of scary sequences involving a large angry bear,” I also wanted to preview the film before letting my five-year-old son see it....more
I like Pixar and the idea of a heroine and a bear fight scene. I'll have to catch it.   I ...more

On Father’s Day, A Look at the Cult of the Male Breadwinner

In the 2009 Shriver Report, subtitled A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything, Susan J. Douglas talks about the discrepancy between media portrayals of women in both news and entertainment programming and the realities most women face. She states that:...more

On Boys and Patriarchy

You probably heard about Ashley Judd's recent Daily Beast post calling out the media for nasty judgments of her appearance. Ms. Judd points the finger at the patriarchy but clarifies that "Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate."...more

How the "Boy Code" Plays Out at School

“Why can’t as a collective people we admit that so much of the way we see the natural attributes given to boys and girls is directly a consequence of the messages that society sends?”...more

Blog for International Women's Day: Let's Make Girls Part of the Story

How can we, as a culture and as members of the global community, involve, educate, and inspire girls in a positive way?This is the question posed as part of the Blog for International Women’s Day, presented by Gender Across Borders and CARE.There are many ways to answer that question, but I believe that one way to help girls is to make the experiences and stories of girls and women as relevant in our culture as those of boys and men....more