What I Read {Behind Closed Doors: Book Review}

It's very rare that I purchase books that are of the psychological thriller genre. It's not that I don't like that genre, it's just not what I uaually read. Rarely do they have the happy endings of chick lit ....more

This Summer {2016}

It's August 1st. There are exactly 21 days left until our first day of school. Twenty-one days ....more

Becoming a Better Mother

Motherhood wins are so few and far between. Everyday is a battle, hard fought, and sometimes lost. Some days are superhuman with a home cooked dinner and laundry folded and put away ....more

I shouldn't blog about this.

I couldn't come back to this blog and write a bunch of fluff after the events of last Thursday. We are all adults here and my hope is that you can read this, understand a little more about me and move on. I'm not here to debate, I'm just here to write about the things I cannot stop thinking about ....more

Nine, in Mom Years.

It's hard to believe that my first baby turned...more

Nine, in Mom Years.

It's hard to believe that my first baby turned...more

Happy Birthday Caitlin! {Nine years old}

Nine years ago you were born. I was so nervous and so was dad. You were late, taking your time, so we went to the hospital and lied.I promise the doctor told us to lie ....more

When nothing makes sense

I had planned on spending Sunday catching up this little blog of mine. The last week of school had left my head spinning, so with Saturday filled with birthday parties and dance class, I really hoped that Sunday would be my day to knock out four or five posts. Good posts with good content.Instead I woke on Sunday to the horrific news coming out of Orlando ....more

What Have I Learned as a Mother?

The end of June will mark nine years of being a mother. I'll be totally cliche and tell you that the years flew by so fast, that I blinked and suddenly I was here almost ten years later, I will go all out and tell you that time is fleeting. Sadly, when you have children, every last cliche rings true.Motherhood did not come easily to me ....more

Life Lately {5/24/16}

It's been almost two weeks since my last post. My life has been all over the place. I have been all over the place ....more