4 Gifts 2015: Need

This is a 4 Gifts post with Alyson M. This post was not sponsored by Old Navy. I just love their clothes and their prices ....more

Wear To Where {Family Pictures or Tour your City}

I’m participating in the Wear to Where Tour with my friend Katy, who blogs at Wild and Wanderful. If you are visiting from the link up today, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Where does a part time stay at home mama go when she wants a quiet minute to herself? ...more

Confessions of a Home Gym Addict

I'm participating in Wear to Wear with my friend Katy, who blogs at Wild and Wanderful! If you are visiting from the link up, welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm a person who has a gym membership but never goes to the gym ....more

4 Gifts 2015 {Want}

Did you know that there are just six weeks until Christmas? Are you as freaked out as I am? You would think since I'm a retail warrior, and have been setting Christmas ornaments out since October that I'd have a better handle on things ....more

Looking in the Mirror {WIWW}

I hate the scale. My entire life I feel like I've been at battle with the bathroom scale. In high school and college I used to weigh backward so I didn't have to see the number ....more

The Silver Lining {My Summer as a Cliche Part Three}

Part One HerePart Two HereBefore I started writing this post, I went back and read my post for the New Year. I vividly remember the place I was in all those months ago, and I wanted to see how I did. I didn't remember much of it to be honest, but I did recognize the underlying theme ....more

Five Things {ten twenty five fifteen}

Since I've neglected this spot for some time, I needed a way to bring you half way up to speed on my life. So I picked five things that went on over the last week or so.#1 Sick DaysI'm just beginning to feel better. I was sick for over a week and it got worse before it got better ....more

Five Things On Friday {ten sixteen fifteen}

I made it. Friday has a little over an hour left, but I really felt the pull to put my fingers on the keyboard tonight. It's been eight days since my last post, which to me seems like years as I type ....more

Bridesmaids, Hindsight, and my Gut {My summer as a cliche Part two}

Since graduating with my degree fifteen years ago, I've always been the assistant. I was an assistant to the assistant as an early graduate. Then I was the Assistant Buyer in my twenties ....more

Picture day almost killed me

I will tell you again and again that I just wasn't built for motherhood. I have about a baseline education in what I think it takes to be a good mother, but sometimes I think that those natural maternal feelings were lost during my creation. I'm impatient ....more