Mental Health Day {second week of school}

I'm the mom that procrastinated all summer and waited until the second week of August to schedule dentist appointments. And also an eye doctor appointment. This also made me the mom that had to pull her kids out of school for a full day two weeks into the school year ....more

Get your lunch box ready {Paleo To Go}

People ask me all the time, "What is the hardest part about eating a Paleo diet?". The answer is simple, the food prep. When you can't eat grains, dairy, or sugar, you start to get desperate when you have to travel or pack your lunch ....more

Taking time...

Found these at Barnes and Noble. I need these. I didn't blog at all this week ....more

Sit down...

Last Friday was a day. I worked of course, starting my day at the store at six in the morning. Yes, I said six ....more

Dear Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary

photo by Laura Hernandez Photography Dear Mom and Dad,Happy Anniversary. Forty years is quite an accomplishment. I should know, I'm married too, and as I've learned, marriage is hard ....more

Summertime Blues

It's hard to admit that summer is over when you live in Fresno California. It's still hot. Like over one hundred degrees hot ....more

This A-hole in the drive thru

Can I ask you a question? Are we turning into a nation of Assholes? Don't laugh ....more

Not enough Mommy {The Shit Show}

My daughter broke her toe. You probably already knew that since I posted it to Instagram. Not only did she break her toe, but she also chipped a bone in her foot ....more

First, the good stuff...

I have a million things on my heart. Two million thoughts in my brain. How to share them all here has been the question of the week ....more

It's been awhile...

Confession: I had to schedule the time to write this post. I had to set my alarm for a half hour earlier than I needed to be up, in order to get something posted. It's awful because I haven't been able to drag myself to this space, and I hate that ....more