Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake {The Easy Way}

What happens when your Gluten Free Girl asks for your traditional Fourth of July ice cream cake you've been making for the past three years?...more

This is What Sumemer Looks Like

Summer looks like... Ice cream all over our faces. Lunching on different kinds of sandwiches ....more

Five on Friday {seven twenty four}

Five things I'm loving this Friday... ONE: Amy Schumer. This movie ....more

Cutting Teeth {Summer Book Review}

***Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book to review....more

Summer Field Trips

I'm enjoying every single bit of these summer days. Those slow mornings. The ones I missed so dearly during the school year ....more

Fiction "Losing it" {Lenny's story: 8th Grade part 1}

I've been writing all day and night, and it still isn't right. But I'm going to hit publish anyway because it's a start, and I've told myself I have to keep writing even if it's shit. Here is another part to Lenny's story ....more

Five on Friday {seven seventeen}

According to Pacific Standard time... I've got just under three hours to publish this Five on Friday. I've been looking for a new link up, and here is a good one! ...more

Still. After all this time.

Some days I'm surprised he still loves me. I'm cranky and crazy.I throw temper tantrums and rarely cook anything that passes for dinner. I spend money on books and tank tops I'll never wear ....more

Cait turned Eight

Caitlin's birthday is always such a milestone for me. That sounds totally selfish, but it's really true. Caitlin made me a mommy ....more

Lenny's Story {Fiction} #MusicMondays

Dear Readers,This is a piece of fiction I've been working on for almost a year. It comes and goes but never really leaves. In an effort to write more and get the story out, I've decided to start linking up with My So Called Chaos and Music Mondays ....more