Where do I begin?

It feels as if I have abandoned this spot on the Internet, and in a way I have. Life as been at a break neck pace for the entire month of May. It's only been in the last few days that I've actually realized that May has come and gone, too quickly if I can be honest ....more

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

Dear Mom,Happy Mother's Day. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the perfect gift, when it hit me. The best thing I could give you this year is a giant THANK YOU ....more

Sexy Undies on Laundry Day

A few weeks ago, I wore sexy undies on laundry day. It was a rookie mistake, because after all these years I should know better. Wearing sexy undies on laundry day, solidified the fact that I would have to have sex with my husband and fold laundry on the same day ....more

No more bad cop {I quit the fashion police}

About three weeks ago I did something revolutionary. Something so far out of my comfort zone I still get the sweats when I have to deal with it. Yet, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made...I quit the fashion police.Three weeks ago, my voice hoarse from yelling at the little humans in my house to get ready for school, I realized that we were fighting over the most bullshit of reasons ....more

ten years

Dear Husband,Ten years ago today I put on my white dress and veil and met you in that little church you just had to get married in. The one all our friends said would immediately go up in flames as soon as the two of us walked in. They thought they were so funny ....more

I love you a hundred and fifty four seven five {Mac turns 5}

I find myself in a land of cliches as my baby turns five today. I want to talk about how time flies and that if you blink you'll miss it. In all honesty it doesn't seem that long ago that I was pregnant with Mackenzie ....more

Motherhood is a job {Period}

This is a post you can file under, "I can't believe we are still having this conversation".Last week I read this blog post, originally from xoJane, now in it's crowing glory on Time.com. It's title, Unpopular Opinion: Being a Stay-at-Home Mother is Not a Job. The title alone boiled my blood, but curiosity got the best of me.I knew it couldn't be as awful as it sounded ....more

We've come a long way baby

During Spring Break I took my oldest on a breakfast date. It was a complete surprise to her, and let me just tell you it was almost impossible for me to keep the secret. I had recently discovered a place in town that made Gluten Free pancakes on request, and just knew I needed to take my little gluten free girl for some ....more

Some bunnies had a fun Easter

Our Easter Weekend was jam packed this year. We were invited to two Easter parties on Friday, three birthday parties on Saturday, and still had to find time to actually celebrate Easter. I swore I was never going to be one of those moms that dragged her kids to every party we were invited to, but I guess you have to when your kids really want to go ....more

Some fresh air {Spring Break Recap}

To say Spring Break was a breath of much needed fresh air is a serious understatement. After weeks of work and stress and Girl Scout cookie sales, finally we got a break.Monday morning of Spring Break was awesome. I got up and was free to get ready for work ....more