The noise {no-reply commenters}

There has to be something poetic if not ironic about receiving a very negative comment on the same day your blog is having it's fourth anniversary. I mean four years ago, any comment would have made me swoon. But last Wednesday? ...more

The want for you

I had a blog friend text me the other day. A friend of a friend that was a blogging acquaintance. I say that now, because after such an intimate conversation via text, I consider her a friend ....more

Dear Working Moms

Dear Working Moms,I'm writing you today to apologize. I want to apologize for all the times I complained about being home all day with my stinking kids, who quite literally stunk like spit up and poop. For all the times my problems were supposed to be the only problems ....more

With Resolve {2015}

source / pinterest I spent New Year's Day in pants without buttons. Most of it spent in the sweats that I slept in, with yesterdays make up on, and my hair piled on my head. It was glorious ....more

The thing about January

January can be the best month or the worst month depending on your perspective. In January everything feels new. The new year, new goals, new resolutions ....more

Wore {December 2014}

I'm sure every post you are going to read about December is going to say the month just flew by. Well add this one to the pile of blog post about December 2014 flying by. It did, and I wasn't ready for it and I would have loved another thirty days before Christmas ....more

The Reprieve

I spent all day Sunday thinking that there was school today. Today being Monday after two glorious weeks of winter vacation. Two full weeks of no school, the Hubbs was off of work, and all I had to do was get my butt to work five days out of seven ....more

It's really over

I finally took down my tree tonight. I actually had an excuse, family was coming in from Salinas to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts, so the tree needed to stay. Honestly, if I had my way, I wouldn't take it down until Valentine's Day ....more

Christmas was here {twenty fourteen}

I'm not sure if you noticed, but Christmas was here. Quickly stamped on our hearts and our minds to let us know that the spirit didn't escape us, even though I thought it would. Somehow this Christmas was made up of little moments, nothing big, nothing extravagant, just simple pleasures that somehow mask themselves when the smell of pine and sugar cookies fill the air ....more

The (al)most wonderful time of the year

**I wrote this Thursday night with a broken heart. Filled with guilt and loathing for myself and the place my heart has stood this entire season. I didn't edit a single thing, so if it's a ramble, it's going to be a ramble ....more