How Gwynnie Bee Totally Turned Me Around About Fashion

I was never into fashion … but then Gwynnie Bee happened, and suddenly I'm posting my outfit of the day on Facebook. Here's how the subscription works....more
I hope you kept the sassy dress;)more

So...this is the hospital

Once upon a time I blogged a lot about my tummy troubles. I have Crohn's Disease. It is a chronic disease. It is uncurable. I have it every single day of the year for over a decade. Mostly, it doesn't bother me much. Sure I am crampy and have daily what most people would feel like was stomach flu. I am on maintainance meds that are nasty but work. ...more
I just found your post, TW, I'm sorry. I always seem to arrive late to everything, even learning ...more

Skills for Adulthood

My son leaves for college in just over a month. Thinking about this seems like all I do lately. The older children fledged in a different way and I remember fussing over some of the same things with the now 22-year-old.Now I am trying to remember all the things I shoved into her head in those last weeks. I am also trying to think of what I might have failed to teach the boy in his 18 years.I have double-checked that he knows:1. My views on alcohol and drug use.2. When to get the oil changed...more
I cried so much when my son went off to college, it was worse than kindergarten.  i think the ...more

Morning Olympic Conversation

This morning I glanced at the news-it's my job. Ok, not really. Sort of.Anyhow the following conversation occurred:Me: Dara Torres didn't make the Olympic swim team(not said: she is 45, had knee surgery, is incredible)Denise: Yeah, I heard that yesterday pauseMe: She still swims faster than me.Denise: gales of laughter.Me: *Smile, small giggle, shrug.* She does.Denise: You're cute....more
short, funny- just rightmore


Susie Ivy apparently wants facts now. Geez.1. I drink one Coca-cola Classic per day--except when traveling or on a really bad day.2. I lost 100 lbs and kept it off for 10 years within 5 lbs or so.3. According to the wii, I have gained 19.2 lbs since Christmas.4. First album I ever purchased: Shaun Cassidy, Born Late...more
I am following my beloved leader around blogher today. I re-read your post and was struck by #1. ...more

Little Known...

So, Bad Luck Detective wants a list of some divisible by five number of things about us. I guess I better cooperate with her.This despite the fact that:1. I am not sure there are too many things people don't know about me.2. I never do these things anymore.Ok, let's see:1. I once put the wrong eye color on my driver's license application accidentally. This caused a 10 minute discussion with the guy asking for clarification about my eye color....more
I do the same--rearranging furniture. My kids dislike it! #13 is cool! :-)more

I'm Going to be a Grandmother--and appreciate my parents even more

I am going to be a grandmother very soon. Our first grandchild. I've pondered all sorts of things in the past eight months or so about grandmotherhood. From how to stop myself from giving too much advice to what Johnny Mac Pippin will call me to all the fun things about having a BABY to spoil again--those things have been examined.What I knew from the moment we knew we were going to be grandparents is that Denise would go for the birth. I couldn't imagine anything else....more

Melissa Ferrick-Everything I Need in a Musician

We saw Melissa Ferrick in concert over the weekend. This double-header of shows didn't count as our first shows and hopefully not our last....more
I have never heard of Melissa Ferrick. Sorry! I sort-of grew up listening to Motown, but in the ...more

Adrienne Rich and Me.

On my fourth school run of the day, the second of the afternoon, I spent the sunny drive thinking of my poem of earlier in the day and the discussion about it on the previous school run. I was composing "Of Car Rides and Free Verse: A Dialogue" in my head. I rather frequently compose such things in my head-even if they don't always make a page....more
Langston Hughes is a man.  I think he's awesome.  He died when I was a child and yet I miss ...more


My daughter stands next to my desk utters those words (the ones that strike fear in a mother's heart.) "I'm having trouble" ... "with line breaks." I sigh with relief.Line breaks! I can tackle those. I thinkI start in my head to talk html, then Stop.  "Line breaks?" "My mentor" (poetry) "says I need to consider line breaks."Oh. THAT kind. I clarify.   She speaks of Sentences. Cringe Fumble (Could we talk ...more
Sentences ... the stuff of life!  :-)more