Nie Asks: What Do You Do With a Crying Baby?

How do you get any work done around your house when you have babies? And what do you do when your baby cries? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
I would hold them and do things at once. Sometimes I'd pump and eat at the same time; just so I ...more

Nie Asks: Do You Have a Favorite Car?

Do you have a favorite car? I've told you before that I have a thing for Mustangs. The older the better! What about you -- what's your dream car? Or do you not have one? Why or why not? Tell me; I want to know! ...more
1965 Chevy Malibu convertible (blue), which I owned back in the '80s, but it was stolen from my ...more

Nie Asks: Do You Have Gray Hair?

If I look close enough at this picture, I feel like I can see gray hairs. Do you have any grays? When did you get your first? How old were you? What are your thoughts about gray hair? Tell me; I want to know! ...more
I was 22 when I found my first grey hair.  I found the next couple at 23, and at 25 I started ...more

Nie Asks: Show Me Your Favorite Photo Today

What's your favorite photo today? ...more
My new basket liner for my cruiser   =)

Nie Asks: What's Your Favorite Time of Day?

What is your favorite time of the day? I think mornings for me. I love the quiet bright mornings. Your turn: Do you have a favorite time each day? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
I'm more of a morning person than anyone else in my family (other than our dog). I'm figuring ...more

Nie Asks: What Do Your Kids Love to Do for Exercise?

What exercise do your kids love to do? My children all enjoy yoga -- especially when we do it all together. Your turn: What do your kids do to get moving? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
My daughter takes me to Curves For Women. We love the personal attention we get and the strength ...more

Nie Asks: What Are Your Feelings on Gun Ownership?

My husband and I regularly go to the practice range to shoot, and have for years. I have a concealed carrier's permit. I know this is a very hot and controversial topic right now. What are your thoughts on gun ownership? Do you own a gun? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
I'm a million years late to the conversation, but I am absolutely for gun ownership.  But I'm ...more

Nie Asks: How Do You Stop a Runny Nose?

How do you keep your child's nose from running? Any suggestions? PLEASE tell me! I NEED to know!...more
My kids actually let me give them the Neti Pot. Stuff just flows out of them. I have 2 boys they ...more

Nie Asks: What's Your Dream Car?

A few months ago I was able to drive my dream car: a '69 Mustang. What is your dream car? Do you own it? Or do you not have one? Tell me in the comments: I want to know!...more
The picture on your blog looks almost identical to my first car! I also have a thing for ...more

Nie Asks: Does the Tooth Fairy Visit Your Kids?

When your child loses a tooth, does the tooth fairy come? Does your kid still believe in the tooth fairy? Did he or she ever? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
Yes she does. She give the kids silver dollars coins. I've thought about her leaving them mini ...more