DIY Popcorn Bar Makes a Fun Pre-Dinner Party Snack

Want to try something fun, fast, and DIY for your next party's pre-dinner bite? Try popcorn. ...more

How to Plan a Blogging Break

The following is an excerpt from Better Blog Writing: How to Improve Your Writing to Keep Readers Coming Back for More.Is your writing feeling a little stale? Then maybe it’s time to cultivate some fresh experiences to breathe new life into it. Really, this works....more

How to Pack Your Perfect Conference Wardrobe

Conference season is just about upon us -- and if you are anything like me, you're already thinking about what you'll be wearing as you meet, greet and network with your peers and brands. These tips and tricks will help you pack the perfect wardrobe to complement your amazing personality. Authentic Style ...more
Absolutely true. All of this!more

How to Be a Good Mentee

Powerful women will tell you: having a mentor is an invaluable asset to achieving your personal and professional goals. The value of a mentor is immense -- Mentors are there to help guide you, offer advice and impart their knowledge to you. But as a mentee, how can you ensure that the relationship is good to both you and your mentor? ...more
Thanks for the great information.  I think having a solid Mentor that you can go to for advice ...more

What You Need To Know About Online Contracting

The promises of online contracting sites like Elance and oDesk are alluring. Clients will come to you. You will have a selection of assignments to choose from. Easy invoicing! Get paid!  But is it worth it? Are these online contracting sites the secret to landing more assignments? Writers say that they are good for filling in the budget gaps -- but they aren’t perfect. On the Inside ...more
Sarah - this is a great primer for how to succeed in online work.  On Elance, over 3k new jobs ...more

Working for Free: When Does It Make Sense?

Work for free?!? Pshh. Never! Right? Well … Generally speaking, I think writers should always be paid for their work. Your time is money, right? But there are no absolutes, and sometimes working for free really does make sense. When to Work for Free Sure, you want to be paid for your efforts. Can't blame you there (me too!). But sometimes doing some work for free can be really beneficial in the long term. ...more
Aside from portfolio building, sometimes I like to think about working for free as part of my ...more

Getting Interviewed: The Good, Bad & How to Make it Work

Years ago, a magazine did a feature story on my husband and I, including a special recipe that he loved. I was over the moon to see my recipe in the magazine … until I read the article. The writer had taken great liberties with my words, making me sound more like a husband-crazed housewife than the card-carrying feminist I am. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I considered buying as many copies as I could just so that no one would read it. (No, I didn’t do it.) ...more
Hello there, Sarah! What a great post and, as I could be interviewed for the 6 O'clock News at ...more