Completely Inauthentic Yet Delicious Foods for St. Patrick's Day

Before I get into any critiques of what is or isn't Irish food, I'd like to list out my credentials: I am roughly 65 percent Irish by birth. I have been forced to listen to Irish folk music from the age of nine because whoever drove got to control the radio. I attended Irish Fest in Milwaukee unwillingly for at least seven years in a row during my formative years. I've willingly gone back twice as an adult. My father once gave Tommy Makem an instant Irish oatmeal pack. I once sang "Danny Boy" at the top of my lungs at an Irish pub in D.C. with Ted Kennedy, who was only 40 feet away from me. I really like Guinness. ...more
I agree, definitely no green beer! Those cookies however..... :)more

Brilliant Oscar Party Menus For Every Movie

Once again, it's Oscar time! Time to pretend that watching these critically acclaimed movies makes up for the fact that you went to see Fifty Shades of Grey (it doesn't). ...more
I love that you linked my blog post under Benedict Cumberbatch's film! Thanks :Dmore

Predictions! 7 Food Trends That Will Be SO HOT in 2015

After reading all the reports predicting the food trends of 2015, I realized what the food world really needs: me. After all, I wrote two whole articles on food blogger trends that should die already. ...more
Dime Bagalongs, love it!! How about cocktails that incorporate cheese? Like cheddar infused ...more

Plan Your Oscar Party With Our Recipe Blowout: 9 Themed Menus

The Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday. Whether you're planning a blowout Oscar-watching party or just kicking it with a few friends, here are some menus that are inspired by the nominees for Best Picture. ...more
@tracey_f You're so welcome Tracey!more

15 Food Blogger Trends of 2012 That Need to Go

As January approaches, it's a time for new beginnings, new journeys and changes in our lives. It's also the time to take stock of the previous year and jettison the old, the mundane, the things that are holding us back or that clog up our lives. And you know what? As food bloggers, we can apply this valuable process to our own blogs....more
I loved this! So refreshingly honest and true! And I am so with you on the thousands of ...more