No One Puts Plus Size Maternity Photos On Pinterest

While I was at Mom 2.0 at the beginning of May, I ended up in a bunch of photos. And since this is 2014, some of those photos ended up on Facebook. And because it's Facebook, I ended up tagged, which meant all my friends —from my 4th grade classmates to the girl who lived on my floor in college to my mother's second cousin who lives in Sweden—saw them. I did not like it. They were not flattering. They were candid, and that is what I look like in candid photos, but they made me sad. ...more
You look fabulous! And your hubby did a great job with the photos!more

Stop Liking “Get Us a Puppy” Facebook Pics. Really.

A heartwarming story came across my Facebook page this week, about some kids whose dad told them if they got 1 million likes on their Facebook photo they could have a new puppy. They got their likes in about 7 hours, and their dad has promised to keep his word and get them a (rescue) puppy. ...more
Has anyone thought he might have just said this in a rush  or  in random passing,  just to get ...more

Playground Rejection Is Not Just For Kids

One of the best things about being three-years-old is that everyone is your friend. My kid runs up to another kid on the playground and says, "Hey, wanna slide?" and they're off to have adventures, even if they never see each other again after that day. Kids that age like pretty much all the same things and believe in the Truth of Childhood: Climb it if it can be climbed, always run as fast as you can, and anything can be a pirate ship. They don't know enough about the world yet to judge or condemn or turn their noses up at kids who want to join in, so everyone gets to play. It's beautiful and pure and I wish I was three-years-old again on a daily basis....more
I have a 3 yr old girl and an almost 6 yr old boy.  Right now my 6 yr old is going through a ...more