All Your Excuses for Not Making Videos: Shot Down

When you're nervous about trying something new, you can always find a thousand excuses not to get started, right? If you've been holding off on trying video, let's bust those fears. Image: Death to Stock Photo I Don't Want to Have to Do My Hair...more
I don't mind being seen but my excuse is: I don't have enough clothes to change into. I was ...more

It's Time to Get Serious About Video

VIDEO. Some people have a fear of public speaking. I am happy to get up in front of as many people as you want and talk about my underwear, but damn it, if you make me watch the video you shot while I was talking, I will freak out on you. That's how much I hate watching myself on video. Public domain image via Pixabay...more
Amanda Marie We were having a problem with our mobile site but it should be fixed now. - Karenmore

My Personal Reasons #BlogHer16 Is Unmissable

Hi, I'm Rita, and I've been to ten BlogHer conferences, from the teeny one by the pool in San Jose to the one where Obama totally live streamed in and said the word "BlogHer" to the one last year with Gwyneth Paltrow, Ava DuVernay, Christy Turlington Burns and Boyz II Men. Everyone else may have very good reasons for why they go to BlogHer, but if you're still sitting on the fence about registering for #BlogHer16 on August 4-6 in Los Angeles, please allow me to walk you through my visuals. ...more

Writing Tips for Bloggers From Magazine Land

In the whiz-bang world of the internet, is there anything to be learned about writing from reading magazines? Um, YES. Image: Lawrey /">Lawrey / ...more

Pitchapalooza Webinar Winner Gets Intro to Agent or Publisher

Do you want to get successfully published? Find an agent? Attract an editor at a great independent publishing house? Or do it yourself? ...more

#BlogHer16 Voices of the Year Call for Submissions

[Editor's Note: The 2016 VOTY call for submissions has now closed.] It's one of our favorite days of the year here at BlogHer: Today, we officially open submissions for #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year, to be honored at the #BlogHer16 annual conference this August in Los Angeles! This year, it's our ninth annual VOTY ("voh-tee," as we like to call it)....more
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What They Mean When They Say Writers Should Read

One of the most common pieces of advice for a writer: Read a lot. Read widely. Many genres, many lengths, all the time. I remember when I first heard that, I wondered when I would have time to write ... but then I discovered that reading as a writer is different than reading for pleasure alone....more
I read non stop.more

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone If Your Writing Is Stuck

Sometimes writer's block means you're in a rut, and all you need to do is shake things up a bit. Here are my top five tips for getting out of your comfort zone. Girl in Library via Shutterstock...more
Using a timer and 'library Tuesdays' sound like great solution. The important thing is to keep ...more

Do You Have Writer's Block? We're Here to Help.

Maybe I should write about ... um. What? ...more

Introducing the New!

Today I’m proud to share a new look and logo for! The Website We've moved our Conferences right to the top, to make it easier for you to find. Here, as always, you'll be able to register for any of our upcoming events, access agendas, read about speakers and sponsors and book your hotel rooms. We've organized the rest of the content into a cleaner and easier-to-use navigation: ...more
I came in after the latest change so I'm just learning to navigate the do I "like" ...more