Talking to Twinsters Director (and VOTY!) Samantha Futerman About Directing, Kickstarter & Netflix

Samantha Futerman's story just keeps getting better....more
I just watched the documentary and blogged about it last week! Both so talented, incredible ...more

Yes, You Really Can Make a Difference in the Way People Eat

There is nothing more important to our existence than food and water, but how often do we take what we eat (and what is available to us to eat) for granted? ...more

November's #BlogHerU Teaches You How to Be Your Best Food Blogger

Grab your pumpkin spice latte and your cranberry sauce, people, because it's November and all we can think of is food. And blogging about food. Mostly eating the food. We're kicking off the month with our #BlogHerFood15 conference in Chicago, and we're dedicating this month's BlogHer University to the art and craft of food blogging....more
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My Top Tips for Conference Travel

Are you one of the lucky people packing your bags for #BlogHerFood15 on November 5-6 in Chicago? Here are my tried-and-true tips for conference travel....more

Top 5 Video Tips From SheKnows Media's VP of Video, Melissa Haggerty

This month, I sat down with Melissa Haggerty, vice president of video for SheKnows Media and the brilliant mind behind all those gorgeous videos you saw at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, to ask for her top five tips regarding video. Here's what she had to say!...more

How to Improve Your Video Skills With BlogHer University

Happy 10th birthday, YouTube! Video is bigger than ever. According to Cisco, "Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014."...more

Bored With What You Just Wrote? Try These 5 Tips to Make It Sparkle

Some days I write a post, stare at it briefly, and am overwhelmed by a generalized feeling of "meh." Does this ever happen to you? No, of course not. So you don't need to know these five tips for improving your writing. Never mind. Nothing to see here....more
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My Very Hard But Ultimately Satisfying Upcycled Barn Wood DIY Deck

We like to refer to our house as "Chateau Travolta" because when we bought it as a bank foreclosure, it hadn't been touched since it was originally built in 1977. We really loved the backyard and the large deck....more
greenapples Sure - I use online deals sites for house stuff. I got the fairy lights in this ...more

Everything I Know About How to Write Irresistible Headlines

It's great for SEO to put keywords in your post title. However, the actual post title isn't the only way you're attracting readers. You're also sharing some version of your post title and maybe some teaser copy on Facebook, Twitter, in newsletters, and probably in some programmable areas of your website. These places call for the art of the enticing headline....more

What to Do If Your Male Cat Needs Perineal Urethostomy (PU) Surgery

Well, a year and a half after I wrote Help, My Cat Can't Pee on BlogHer, my sweet little black cat, Kizzy, almost died again from a total urinary blockage. Thankfully, before he blocked completely, we'd already decided to take the rather dramatic step of perineal urethrostomy surgery....more
My dog had to have this surgery while he was still at the shelter. Because HE can't understand ...more