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15 Excellent Answers to "Why Do You Blog?"

"Why do you blog?" or "Why did you start blogging?" are often the first questions asked in any interview with a blogger. They're very different questions, though, aren't they? Whether you've been blogging for months or years, why you started and why you continue may be fundamentally different things. As part of our 10-year anniversary Selfiebration, I scoured the Internet to find out what drives us to keep pressing publish....more
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BlogHer's 10x10 Presenters: 13 Bloggers Who Will Inspire You

The 10x10 Project aims to bring the BlogHer community's reflections on the past ten years and predictions for the future to life online and onsite at BlogHer '14. ...more
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What Would Your Life Look Like Now If You Hadn't Started Blogging?

Ten years ago, I was two years out of my graduate writing program and just returning from maternity leave (I came back the week after the fourth of July holiday, come to think of it) to my product management job in corporate America. If I hadn't started blogging on maternity leave, I would not have written anything new in almost a year. ...more
While most sane folks would find my blog topic one to run from, I love it. I love it because ...more

5 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

I took up gardening the year after we moved to my current house, Chateau Travolta. I never suspected myself of being a gardener, but it turns out I get immense pleasure from watching the yearly cycle of rebirth. Also, the flowers make my deck look less weathered. Up until this year, the deer rampant in my neighborhood stayed away from my deck and so I didn't have to take any precautions around my perennials. But this year, THIS YEAR! They ate my buds. And now, it is war. Here are the top five solutions I found in my anti-deer research....more
Yesterday I looked out my window to see that almost all of the buds of my beautiful hostas had ...more

Blogging Goals: Why Blog If Not for Traffic?

Goals: They're good to have. When it comes to blogging, they can be both a blessing and a curse, though. ...more
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I Used to Agree With Ruth Graham That YA Novels Aren't Worth Reading ... and I Write Them

If you've been alive in the United States over the past ten years, you've seen a tremendous mainstream embrace of young adult novels. They've been made into movies, plastered on billboards and, for book wonks, the children/young adult category grew more than 40 percent since last year. It was only going to be so long before the backlash started....more
Bibliomama It's interesting to get your perspective since you worked in a bookstore. Thanks for ...more

The BlogHer 2014 Father's Day Gift Guide

Dad's gifts are the weirdest, aren't they? Deep down we know our dads don't really want a tie or a golf putter cover shaped like a puppy, but what the heck are you supposed to buy the guy who never tells you what he likes? Here are some ideas for Father's Day surprises....more
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Maternal Depression Four Years Out: It's Worse When You Think It'll Be Better

2004 was the year my daughter was born. 2008 was the year I found myself in intensive therapy and starting my first serious experience with antidepressants. I was a mess: lashing out at my husband, crying in conference rooms at my then-job, breaking down sobbing while giving my daughter a bath and then feeling terribly guilty for letting her see me fall apart. I attributed it to our move to the suburbs, my husband's job, my daughter's still-refusal to sleep through the night ... really anything but PPD. I mean, four years out is a little late for that, right? Maybe not. ...more
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Casting Call: Would You Discuss Your Mental Illness on Television?

So, sometimes when you've spent years bleeding all over the Internet, people turn up you wouldn't otherwise expect. For example, a casting producer from an Emmy-award-winning reality television production company left a message on my voicemail Friday afternoon....more
I have yet to meet, stumble over, or have  a "mental" sneak up on me.  I  have, however, ...more

(PHOTOS) 10 Reasons Why I Started Blogging at Surrender, Dorothy

I started blogging ten years ago in 2004 on my personal blog, Surrender, Dorothy. Sometimes I'm shocked I'm still at it. I've been asked more times than I can count why I started blogging, whether for formal interviews or by a curious dental hygienist. There are so many answers. Here they are—why I started, and how those reasons have changed over the past ten years at the keyboard. ...more
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