How To Survive The Ashley Madison Hack, From Someone Who's Been There

I'll be honest, when the first reports that the group that hacked Ashley Madison did, in fact, release the user data, I was downright giddy. Having watched my own marriage fall victim to the site and it's purpose (though, honestly, it would have fallen sooner or later as obviously things were not as fixed as I believed and no website or lack thereof was going to replace the work needed from both parties) I felt slightly vindicated all these years later. ...more
"so many women's hearts and lives were being shattered to bits, the rugs pulled out from under ...more

Secrets Can't Keep.

There is something to be said for keeping secrets. It can be intoxicating, to know the things that others don't. To have something safe to your heart that only you know about. The tingle of anticipation of being revealed can provide a rush like no other, to be sure. ...more

Be The Good.

Four years ago, we qualified for WIC. I remember sitting tearfully in my living room, talking with Kiedis' social worker from the county Help Me Grow program, trying not to cry as I asked her if there was help for us. ...more

Celebrating Christmukkah? Ideas for Your Celebration

That year, I asked her if she wanted to celebrate Hanukkah, to honor her Holocaust-surviving family’s legacy. I had researched the basics of the holiday, its meaning, and its traditions at school and a little online and I knew what we needed to procure and mostly how it worked. I thought this would be a way to start our own traditions together, and to show her that her family history was just as important to me as that of my paternal family’s. ...more
oh Thank you for this post. I am Jewish and my husband is I usually have my menorah up ...more

Next Of Kin.

My mom is on food stamps. There, I finally said it. ...more
@Blackbeards Wyfe Wow, thank you for this. Honestly it made me cry a little bit. Thank you for ...more

The Struggle to Find Normal Family Life Amidst Special Needs

He rages again. It's the fifth time since I've been up, counting from the blood-curdling time-out screams that awoke me. I have no idea how many it was before that. Kyle's on kid duty in the mornings since it's summer, a blessed reprieve from the glass-walking that is morning time with those two. This time, it's because WALL-E is on, because Tova picked it while he was throwing a fit in his room. That's part of what he does now -- something disrupts his despotic rule over our family and he runs to the stairs, hitting and slapping them as he goes up to his room to lay on his bed with the blankets over him....more
*hugs* I won't tell you I know what you're going through because I don't, but I will tell you ...more

When The Answer Becomes Painfully Clear.

I spent some time with a very good friend of mine the other night that I so desperately needed. She went through a very similar situation as mine at the same time as I was enduring it -- we weren't as close before, but now we have this insane bond because we were each other's divorce buddies. She finalized hers and moved on, I reconciled. Neither of us judged the other for our choices, it was just the paths we chose. ...more

A Better Past.

Something I struggle with daily when it comes to my marriage and even just my relationship with my husband is the concept of forgiveness. I'm aware it's something I should do so that the discontent doesn't fester inside of me; I'm aware that supposedly it's the best gift I can give myself; I'm aware that in order to salvage any sort of connection with him that it's necessary. ...more

The Fallacy Of Back To Tabulous.

Nearly a year ago, I began a personal movement to try and better myself. I called it Back To Tabulous, hashtagged it on Twitter, and tried to make a very public show of a very private process. Sometimes I was successful in doing things for myself and feeling better about who I was and how I looked and accepting myself no matter what, but more often than not I struggled and let the project fall by the wayside. ...more