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I look forward to meeting everyone here posting.more

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I Love the theme. Happy excited to share my thoughts and experiences with my friends here.more

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My late husband Burt came back from the dead yesterday through the literary ghost of a short ...more

Have You Experienced the Internet Outrage Machine?

Amanda Palmer recently had an article in the New Statesman about the Internet Outrage Machine. You know the one. Someone writes something online: They put out a thoughtless tweet, trying to be funny; or a business tries to capitalize on a hashtag; or they write a blog post that rubs everyone the wrong way. And then the Internet piles on that person, flipping out. ...more

Did You Become Obsessed With the Duggar Coverage on Social Media?

By this point in the news cycle, I have read about 3582 articles and tweets about Josh Duggar. I never gave the Duggars much thought before this point. I mean, I knew about the show because I read People magazine cover to cover (as we all should), but it was all buzz relegated to the back of my brain. Sort of in one eye and out the other. But since the news of Josh Duggar's actions exploded onto social media, I have been inundated with links to click and tweets to consider. A topic that would have slipped out of my mind upon closing a magazine is now popping up every single time I sit down to read something else. ...more

Better Summer Screen Time: Books and Websites for Engaging Kids

Every year, I put together my own mini summer school for my twins because I'm mean. Wait, no, it's because I see summer as a time to not only get ahead and set up a strong start to a new school year, but also as a time to work in all the supplemental pieces that fall by the wayside during school. For us, that is computer programming. ...more
What a useful thing to teach the kids. I should suggest my partner does this with our kids when ...more

What You Need to Know About Publishing Books

Every time someone asks me what I do and I tell them that I'm a writer, I get one of two reactions: people who are readers ask what I've written to see if they know one of my books, and people who are writers shyly tell me that one of their goals in life is to publish a book. Sometimes the people in that former group ask me for advice on how to break into publishing, and I'm always happy to help. (And, yes, if you are reading this, you are one of those people I am happy to help, so leave your questions in the comment section and I'll answer them.) But part of helping is giving them the reality of publishing. ...more
Thank you for sharing!  Like many writers, I too am an inspiring author. The publishing world ...more

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Battle of the Bands: America The ...more