How to Find Amazing Photos You Can Legally Use and Add Text To

Here's the thing: You can't use someone else's photo on your blog or in social media without permission. Even if you give attribution and a link back to the photographer. Even if everyone you know does it all the time. Even if you think the photographer will like the promotion you're giving her. Even if you have ASKED permission from someone to use one of her photos in the past! ...more
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Golden Globes Fashion 2015: Prettiest Red Carpet Dresses

We saw black, white, and red (and shiny) all over the red carpet Golden Globes 2015 red carpet. But the styles weren't boring—more like bombshell, with sexy cutouts and embellishments, strapless and one-shoulder shapes, and lots of curves. Which dresses are your favorites?...more
On first glance, I thought Amal Clooney's opera gloves gave her a super-elegant Jackie Kennedy ...more

Welcome to BlogHer University! January Class: How to Add Text to Images

We've all seen the pretty-pretty graphics on social media, and possibly wished we were graphic designers … or could hire some graphic designers … or had the time and money to master Photoshop. In January, BlogHer staff and some of our favorite design-minded bloggers will show you easy (and often free!) ways to place your words onto gorgeous backgrounds—both photos you've taken and photos and images we'll help you find. ...more
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8 Easy and Festive Cocktail Recipes to Ring in the New Year

Oh, Champagne, how I love you—and how difficult you are to drink all night long. Palates fade, and your second (or third) glass starts feeling less sparkly and more sticky-sweet. It's a sacred tradition to begin and end any New Year's Eve party with bubbles, but it's tricky to keep a cocktail party going without … well, cocktails. ...more
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The Incredibly Cute Last-Minute Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

If you're like me, then you love cats and people who love cats. You also love cute things, and hate holiday shopping. Fortunately, I've done the footwork (paw work?) for you. These adorable kitty-themed gifts will arrive by Christmas if you order now—and if you've procrastinated to the very last minute, you can order some fun gift certificates to arrive via email. MEOW! ...more
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12 Incredibly Creative Latke Recipes to Try

These recipes all tweak the traditional recipes. They either lighten them up and go gluten free, or they swap out potatoes for sweet potatoes, or they run wild with ideas for for rainbow latkes, latke nachos, poutine latkes, kimchi quesadilla latkes and chicken waffle latkes. Which one would you make? ...more
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Read These Tips for Turkey Safety

Don't Wash Your Turkey. It Could Kill You! You know what's even a worse Thanksgiving fail than politics at the dinner table, salt in the pie instead of sugar, or being stuck in #Snovember? Salmonella. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 6 Americans get food poisoning each year. That's 48 million people. 128,000 hospital visits. 3,000 deaths. Whoa. ...more
Good advice! And, yes, I'm definitely guilty of leaving things out because I want people to feel ...more

Store-Bought Pie Dough Showdown: Do Any Compare to Homemade?

Are you a homemade crust user or a store-bought crust user? I put some store-bought crusts through their paces, and updated the prices for 2014. ...more
What part of the country do you live in? I looked for French Picnic at Whole Foods in NY and ...more

How to Beat Writer's Block and Make Your Writing More Creative

The only way to become more creative is to force yourself to do it. It's like starting a fitness routine: You'll loathe it at first, but eventually, flexing your creative muscle will feel good. You'll also be able to use it more easily in your regular writing; your voice will become more distinctive, and your choice of topics broader. ...more
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6 Craft Blogs to Follow for Fabulous Thanksgiving Ideas

Whether you're looking for kids' crafts, tablescapes, or Thanksgiving decor, these blogs are a treasure trove of DIY holiday help. ...more