CaAtherine Meredith


Since my 20′s I’ve battled weight issues, but it’s been the last few that have caused me the greatest lows.  I have tried every diet and eating program over the years, but what’s become obvious is I love food. (These day’s only good food.)

In the past, when life threw challenges my way I would turned to the one comfort I thought I could rely on: food. Though all that food lead to my obesity.

Towards the end of 2012 I couldn’t hide from the fact not only was I fat; I was OBESE.  Not only that, I felt terrible.  I couldn’t walk up a flight a stairs without huffing and puffing.   In December 2012 I weighed in with  my doctor – I couldn’t believe it – the scales screamed at me: 160.9 kilos!  Enough, was enough.

Now it's June 2014; all I'm interested in is creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle - oh, I'm 21 kilos lighter.