Amber Sams

As a tall female (standing 6'1) I have learned to embrace what makes me unique.... read more

Amber Sams


As a tall female (standing 6'1) I have learned to embrace what makes me unique. I’ve it to project positivity and encourage others to see beauty in what makes them stand out. I have always struggled to find clothing that fits me and became the running joke to my peers with my “high water” length pants in grade school. I could have just crawled under a rock with all the pressure and judgment I received for being different, but with support of my family and becoming a hoarder of every Vogue ever created, I decided to hunt down stylish clothing long enough to fit these limbs and expanded my creativity to compensate for the lack their of. 

I Devour of all things culturally stimulating, stylishly innovative, and I am hard core advocate in self love and appreciation. I believe we all have a mission in life to express our experiences  like a loving hand extended to guide others in our journey to discover who we strive to be. 

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Coco Chanel

Through fashion, life experiences, and veiwing lifes glass as half full... I have decided to drink it all in : )