Beth Holland

Working, being a student, and planning a wedding are time-consuming and... read more

Beth Holland


Working, being a student, and planning a wedding are time-consuming and stressful! Finding time for other things is even more difficult! Top it off by starting another part-time job and blogging, and you might as well call me crazy. Here is a little about my life:

My name is Beth Holland, I am 21 years old, and living in Wisconsin. Living here all my life, you’d think that I was used to the winters, but I am far from it. Don’t be surprised if I post many complaints about our winters. Currently, I am engaged to be married. As of August this year, I will be a wife! I am pretty darn excited about it and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man! Currently, I am going to school to be a physical therapist assistant; although it feels like I keep taking classes but don’t get any closer. I am working part-time as a Samsung Experience Consultant. I also recently became a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Now, I am starting up this blog, because I’m not busy enough as it is.

Throughout my blog, I will be discussing a whole variety of topics that come to mind. I will discuss things leading up to my wedding, I’ll talk about school, work, and my faith, and I’ll probably talk about other issues that are on my mind that may or may not be controversial. I look forward to hearing your comments and starting some great conversations!