I started blogging when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I used my blog as a... read more



I started blogging when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I used my blog as a tool to get my feelings out and to see if there were others out there who shared the same thoughts and feelings that I did. That blog has since fizzled out and I have moved onto a lighter side of blogging. The Messy Vanity is a lighthearted blog about everything I love. All things girl. With so many serious beauty blogs out there, I wanted to talk about beauty in a funny and straight forward way. Whether I "Nailed It" or "Failed It" I wanted it to be a real read that any girl can relate to. I don't have fancy cameras or high end products but I love trying new looks and getting others to branch out as well. Though I haven't been blogging long, I feel like I have achieved that goal. Getting people to read it and share their feedback is another story...


My earliest memory of makeup was during one Halloween in the 80's. I was going as Madonna. I was all decked out in my poofy skirt, fingerless gloves and teased hair. My mother, who was everything you'd think a woman in the 80's would be, decided I needed a little bit of color. So she and a few of my aunts pulled out this amazing eyeshadow palette. It probably had over 100 shades. They started in on my eyes, cheeks and lips and when they were done and i looked in the mirror, I was in awe. They had managed to put every shade in the palatte on my eyes and it, to me, looks amazing. I remember being mesmerized by all of the bright glittery colors. From that day on makeup and beauty has been a huge part of my life. 

I'm now a wife and mother and no matter how hectic my life is, I make time to be girly. There is something so exhilerating about going to a store and finding the perfect shade of lipstick on sale or trying out a new hair product. I believe experimentation is key in finding the right looks to suite your style. I started The Messy Vanity because I love to share my reviews, my bargain finding and experiences. I'm no certified professional but I believe finding the right look can boost a girls self esteem tremendously and if I can help be a part of that, then I have accomplished something in life.