June Molloy Vladička

This blog began as a diary of sorts, capturing my journey around Europe in a... read more

June Molloy Vladička


This blog began as a diary of sorts, capturing my journey around Europe in a camper van, seeking out wonderful food experiences. When we first set out on our journey we were unsure how long it would last or what we would do when it was finished. Ultimately, I wanted live a life that involved great food – humble, honest and delicious food. I wanted not only to eat this food but also somehow to make a living from it. How I was going to achieve this was not (and is not yet!) quite clear.

After three months on the road we took what was supposed to be a short break in Lithuania (where my husband is from) to fix some problems with our camper van. A few weeks into our stay an opportunity arose to buy a small house with a few acres of land in our village. Houses rarely come on the market in our village so we jumped at the opportunity.

In light of this move our plan has changed. While we still plan to do some travelling we intend to make Lithuania our base for the foreseeable future. We want to renovate the house into a comfortable country cottage and use the land to be as self-sufficient as possible. We will raise chickens for meat and eggs, keep a cow (and perhaps a goat) for milk, pigs for meat and grow an array of wonderful vegetables that will feed us both summer and winter. We would like all of our produce to be organic – something that is quite common here. Our desire is to make as much as possible of our food from scratch, including dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, cream and butter), meat products (such as sausages & smoked meats) and baked goods (breads and baked snacks). Where we can’t or don’t produce the raw ingredients ourselves we will source these locally, ideally from neighbours so that we can be certain of their quality & provenance.