Elizabeth Bruno

'm Elizabeth. A sarcastic nerd who is constantly changing hairstyles.... read more

Elizabeth Bruno


'm Elizabeth. A sarcastic nerd who is constantly changing hairstyles. I love my son, husband, and sometimes my pugs. Also, not a fan of hugs and sitting next to strangers at the movies. I love food, running, of course Pirates, anything with skulls and Disney - See more about my entire crew at Pirate Prerogative

I am open to PR opportunities and conference sponsorships. I am also available for reviews and giveaways. Please contact me for further details and my media kit.

My Blog, Pirate Prerogative, is all about my adventures in life with my husband (The Captain), my son (The First Mate), and my 3 pugs (Sea Dogs). I cover anything from cloth diapers to my relationship with my mother, who luckily doesn't read my blog. I am commited to posting at least 3 times a week and I have several series on the blog:


Shedding My Pirate Booty: I've been working hard to become a healthy person and lose weight. I share my triumphs and struggles along the way.

Thankful Thursdays: My long running gratitude list to recognize life's daily treasures.


Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday: A look at that the crazy stuff I never thought I would see, hear, or say before becoming a mom.

Pirate's Log: A month in review of all that I wrote conveniently in one easy to navigate post.