Midlife Crisis, Truth or Myth

I recently read an article that denied the existence of the proverbial midlife crisis.  Is it true that there is no such thing as a midlife crisis?  Have generations of middle-agers bought into an idea that doesn't even exist, or was it that everyone else bought into the idea of a midlife crisis, while the middle-agers were saying, "No, we're good, seriously."...more
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Are You Intimidated By Your Hair Salon?

This afternoon I have to go to the hair salon to fix the haircut I got two weeks ago.  I've been going to the same hairstylist for about four years.  Yet, if I don't tell her every detail, about the exact same haircut I get everytime I see her, she doesn't cut my hair correctly....more

The Things I'm Looking Forward to in Middle-Age

When reading about middle-age, it can get dreary.  I'm a little worried, actually I'm terrified, and possibly scarred for the rest of my middle-aged life, after what I've been exposed to.  I'm not yet into the stages of menopause, but I think I'll start taking Xanax in preparation for it.  I've never taken any kind of (legal) mood-altering medication but I recently found out it's quite popular with the women in my workplace.  I'm totally the Xanax outsider.  Luckily, I'm middle-aged so I don't mind being an outsider, anymore.  ...more

Mothers, Role Models of Middle-Age

As you may or may not know, I am a newbie to the middle-aged portion of my life.  Maybe I am not such a newbie to middle-age depending on your definition (see my post When Does 'Middle-Age' Truly Begin?).  Anyhow, it feels to me like I have recently begun a new phase of my life.  I have been thinking about my own mother a lot and how she modelled a middle-aged life to me.  Here are some of the things she taught me about being middle-aged. ...more

When Does 'Middle-Age' Truly Begin?

I was reading an article on being middle-aged, along with the comments readers had left about the article.  Several people (women) commented that they were not middle-aged yet because they were only in their early 40s.  I always thought middle-age started right around that 40 year mark.  Don't you remember your parents getting a bunch of "over the hill" stuff for their 40th birthdays?  ...more
Great take on the eternal question. Middle age 65?  Am I going to live to 130?  It doesn't ...more