Remembering Sandy Hook: His Name Is Noah Pozner

Noah Pozner will forever be six-years-old because of the unspeakable madness of Friday, December 14, 2012. A news reporter prompted me to write this blog. He looked into the camera and asked if the viewers remember the killers’ name in the Columbine killings of 13 years ago. Two names quickly came to my mind, which I refuse to put in this blog. The reporter then asked if I, the viewer, remembered just ONE of the victims’ names at Columbine. My stomach tightened and I felt personal disgust, at the realization that I could not come up with a name. Then it hit me, that is the ONE reason this American shame continues....more
Thank you very much for writing this. Interestingly enough, Noah's name is on my heart, too. ... more

Expecting Twins? Don't Buy Two of Everything -- Just Some Things!

Kids are expensive. I'm sure you already knew that. Admittedly, toddlerhood has been pretty good to us because we have had some time to figure some things out, but oh, those first few days and weeks were rather interesting. From the moment you find out you are expecting, you get bombarded with baby stuff. The right bottles, the right pacifiers, the right blankets, and on and on and on. One question in the moms of multiples world is, "What are the items I need to purchase in double and what's not?" Here's my experience of what to buy in double....more
Thank you so much, Jenna! I'm so excited to be featured on @BlogHerFamily! I am open to answer ... more