Garrett Martin

 Hello, I am a blogger, and full time student. I blog at The Growing Patch.... read more

Delusions of Grandeur: I Came Here to Be an Actress

In 24 hours, I will leave Los Angeles -- the place I thought I would live out the rest of my days....more
Maybe your dream isn't meant to be achieved that way you think. With your talent and new ...more

My take on tampon ads

Tampon commercials, and any other advertisements for “feminine hygiene products”, are a bit odd. For one thing, they seem to be aimed at women who have no other concerns with their life than if they are going to get to wear white clothing that day. There are never the more realistic commercials of “ if you wear X pad + a tampon big enough to be mistaken for a sheep, then you might only stain you pajamas as opposed to having to strip and remake the bed”....more
I think tampon commercials are much better today then they used to be. The ladies seem happy in ...more

US Olympic Skaters: American Doesn't Mean White, Or Does It?

When I first showed my mother in law a picture of my family she said, "So your father's American and your mother's Filipino.""Well, both my parents are American citizens but yes, my father's Polish-American and my mother's Filipino-American."...more
I don't know much about figure skating either, but you raise good points regarding the question ...more

5 Reasons I'll Never Be a Food Blogger

Every once in a while, I like to share recipes on my blog. Because I really do like to cook. And, I've had a few recipes that have been pinned a few times, which brings traffic to my blog. Win-win, right? But, today, as I was attempting to photograph another food item for another recipe share, I decided I could never become a food blogger. Like, EVER. Here are the reasons why. 1. I like to eat food more than take pictures of it. ...more
I completely agree with you.  I'm somewhere in between a beginner, and a Pinterest expert when ...more

Plot Early: Make a Garden Plan

With winter dragging on, and the days slipping by quickly, being prepared may just give you the biggest yield of your garden. If you are a first time gardener, or your past few years have been difficult, you will need to make a garden plan. You do not need to have a complex garden plan, just a simple outline of what is being planted, where at in the garden, and around what time....more
Great post! I have a community garden plot, and I love it. Granted, it is always a work in ...more

Eco-Fails: When Good Green Goals Get Ugly

Going green while saving green often means creative DIYing. Turn old pants into a new cute handbag! Make your own jam in the exact flavor you want! Grow your own food to feel self-sufficient! And DIY projects often have a nice bonus: You feel more resilient, skillful, empowered. Except -- DIYing isn't so empowering if you suck at it. ...more
Hey, great article. I laughed a few times at this.more

Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

Fruit flies. I hate them. Really really dislike them. When I think I have rid them from my home- POOF they reappear just like that. It is endless cycle- a battle I may never win. Our kitchen is filled with bananas and since it is apple season, apples of course....more
I do the same as Michelle from Everythings a Buzz. It works!more