How to test your soil at home

Gathering soil is fun!...more

Gentically Modified Organisms Part Two

genetically modified organisms : part twofresh fruit...more

Gentically Modified Organisms

 No to GMOGentically Modified OrganismsPart One ...more

Why Garden

Often people think that they should garden, and they should. It's one of the best feelings someone can have. When you see your little sprouts come up, and eventually turn into full fledged plants. The food that you grow in your garden will taste better then any food that you have ever bought at a store....more

Caring for a Primrose

The Primrose is an amazing beauty to add color to your house, or a shaded part of your lawn.  After reading this guide, even the first time gardener will be successful. There are a few different types of primroses. You have the English, and the Japanese versions on the primrose are the most common....more

Explaining The Food Chain To a Kid

The other day, I was teaching my step-son about the food chain and all that goes with it. Eian and I regularly do science experiments and learn about the world around us after school. His mother and I had changed our diet to a vegan diet a few weeks prior so naturally, Eian is going to have questions because no one else around him eats like we do. ...more
Erin Human veggie burger? lol - Denisemore

Easy Spinach Pesto

Spring is coming quickly upon us. For the next couple of months sadly, there will be a lot of gloom. A great easy way to brighten up you evening meals, or a great Sunday lunch is a simple pesto sauce. If you haven’t made pesto before, fear not this is really easy. I love pesto, the sauce is earthy, and light. Pesto also stores fairly well, as it will not stain your containers that you use in the fridge like tomato based sauces.  Here is what you will need....more

What is Organic Produce?

Red Pigment Plants: Aquascaping

Healthy Snack Food Competition enter here!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Healthy Snack food Competition, sponsored by OXO. If you enter, you have a chance to win the following items.SKUProduct Name...more