Hi! I’m Amber, a stay-at-home-mom, writing to you from Baltimore, Maryland.You... read more


Hi! I’m Amber, a stay-at-home-mom, writing to you from Baltimore, Maryland.


You may have seen me around. I started a blog two years ago at Mama’s Blissful Bites, which focused primarily on my health journey. I was battling anxiety and postpartum depression and Mama’s really helped me through. You can still find recipes, Eco-friendly challenges, Pre-k activities and more there. I look at MBB as my “finding me” journey or just being “lost in the woods.”

tree climbing

Fortunately, I was found.

In 2013, I wanted to start my New Year’s with some shabang, awesome resolutions so I started to create a list.

When I was little, I can recall seeing a photo of my gram and pop running a race and crossing the finish line. It always inspired me. I wanted to have that same memory for my children and thought it would be awesome to run one race. Just to say I did it and put it on my New Year’s resolution list.

On March 10, 2013 I ran my first 5k, Kelly St. Patrick Day Shamrock.

St. Patricks Day 5k 3.10.13

I started my training 3 weeks prior thinking it wasn’t going to be a challenge. I crossed the finish line and vowed never to run again. I hated to run.

I kept telling myself I wasn’t a runner and that I couldn’t run, but then my husband bought Milly (our treadmill) and I had to see what the new gadget was all about. (PS I love new gadgets!)

And then in happened, I signed up for another 5k, The Baltimore Women’s Classic. I even made some new friends, The Sole Sisters.

06.23.2013 Baltimore Womens Classic 5k

And over the next few months, I ran more 5ks. Even one on my birthday as a present to myself.

7.14.13 Pikesville 5k

That’s when I noticed, things were getting out of hand and as it turned out, I liked to run. (PS That’s my real sister.)

I didn’t run to just cross the finish line anymore, I was running for my health.

You see, I smoked for 15 years and running helped me stop. (Along with the want and desire to do so). I was having quite a challenging time puffing those smokes and running. It’s like oil and water. They just don’t mix, so I finally gave it up for good.

Running also helped to relieve my daily stress. There’s no special pill that you could give me to do that. I’m now  a more mellow person, naturally.

I started FFR to document my training and eating. (I love food, how about you?)

I was selected by ZOOMA Women’s Race Series to be a 2014 Ambassador.

ZOOMA Ambassador

This means I’m dedicated to running my first 10k. (Gulp!) So I signed up for some training at a professional establishment to give me a leg or helping hand. I will be posting my training here.

Then like always, I got carried away and made a list of 6 races for 2014.

I had to call one of my besties to make sure she would run with me. This way I am accountable for and have a partner in crime.

I started off 2014 with yet another 5k. I guess you could say I’m starting to love running.

Commitment Day 1.1.14

But there’s the other half of me, that really loves to eat too.

I’m always looking for ways to make my meals healthier. I don’t even know really what that means. Sometimes we eat whole foods, sometimes vegan, vegetarian or even meatatarian.

I even have made raw foods and got great reviews. (Like Fudge Love)

To each their own, I don’t feel I fit into a food category. I just like to eat but always healthy. I try to stay away from processed foods, I buy organic and shop in the GF section. It depends on my food mood.

Definition of Amber: A wife and stay-at-home mom who takes care of two kiddos, likes to be happy and eat. Oh, did I mention I’m taking classes to become a Certified Holistic Life Coach? Yup, I am. Certified soon from the Spencer Institute.

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Loves: Eating, adventures, being Eco-friendly, trying natural things (I’m not talking about eating bugs), laughing, traveling, friendships and coffee.

Dislikes: Horror movies (watch with one eye open), mayo, cheap toilet paper, clumpy mascara

FFR brings you training tips, healthy recipes, horrible jokes and pretty cool giveaways.

And occasionally you will see bathroom #selfies. Don’t worry. It’s normal.

If you have any questions or comments, email me at

I don’t bite but I do like to eat.

Welcome to Fit, Foodie Runs!

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