Easy Halloween Cake

Submitted by Sue of Bishop, GA...more

Making a Photo Memory Wall of Family Members

In my earlier blog post about my dining room remodel, I promised that I’d blog about my family photo memory wall. I just LOVE old photos, especially of family. I decided to find an old photo of each of our grandparents and parents to hang up with our wedding engagement photo. I wanted all of the photos to show the couples in their younger years, like when they first met.You will need:...more

No Fail No-bake cookies

So, I had a major no-bake cookie fail. It was a sad situation. After following a recipe, I ended up with a dry, crumbly mess. Of course, I turned to my Facebook peeps for help with a special plea to my mom. I learned I had probably boiled the chocolate mixture too long. And I used the wrong kind of oats....more

My dining room remodel

This past summer/fall, we remodeled our dining room. Well, actually we decided to turn our dining room into…well, a dining room. Ever since we moved in about 10 years ago, we have used the dining room as a playroom. My two boys had free reign of the dining room with all of their toys, and I wished for “one day” to finally turn the room into a beautiful space. Plus, to make things worse, it was a complete eyesore with gaudy flowered wallpaper.Here is a “before” picture of the walls....more

How to sew a fairy skirt for Disney’s Peter Pan Jr.

My son’s school just performed the musical, Disney’s Peter Pan Jr. I was on the costume committee and offered my services in the area of sewing. For the main Tinkerbell fairies (Iridessa, Rosetta, etc.), a friend and I were assigned to sew their skirts.Here are the 6 main fairies:...more

How to Make an Adorable Paint Swatch Calendar

My sister-in-law made me this cute calendar for Christmas. Isn't it adorable?! I wanted to share with you how to make it.You will need:...more
stephliebold The paint chips are under the plastic frame so you're writing only on the outside ...more

Last minute gift idea for Christmas

Need a last minute “thank you” gift idea for a teacher or helper in your child’s life? Here’s a special way to says thanks. I picked up some large bars of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark and made these little notes for them to say thanks. You can download and print them for free here. (On the download, the notes say “To our children” instead of “To our Awana Cubbies.”) Peppermint Gift TagsPrint and cut apart the notes....more

Decorating your Christmas tree with mesh ribbon

This year, I decided to try some mesh ribbon on my tree. Here’s how you can do it too:You will need:1 roll of mesh ribbon (5.5″ wide) – any color of your choice (mine was a burlap style with red and green shiny ribbon weaved into it)12 small red ribbons (I think you can find at the dollar store)What to do:...more

“Over the Rainbow” Macaroni & Cheese

Chalkboard Decorating

Chalkboard DecorPosted on November 22, 2014 by Amber in Arts & Crafts, ...more