Kathryn Humphreys

Hello there, I'm Kathryn. And I like to design rooms. A lot. I think creating... read more

Kathryn Humphreys


Hello there, I'm Kathryn. And I like to design rooms. A lot. I think creating floor plans for awkward spaces is a super fun Friday night. And since I can’t completely redesign my own home (notice I said completely) over and over – I’ve tried, my husband’s against it -  I offer my Friday night skills to others. Wait, that sounds wrong. I mean, I think homes should be beautiful and comfortable. If yours is not and you’d like help figuring out how to make it so, then let’s chat. Whether you're a local or far-flung friend, I can help you find the beauty in your home. I specialize in awkward layouts and creating functional, beautiful spaces around life with kids.

I've spent years working around the challenges of our century old home (a home which, we're convinced, was built by drunk squirrels), slowly renovating our small bungalow on a budget, finding ways to make this crazy house, where nothing is built to any sort of code and there are almost no closets,  modern and family friendly. I design around narrow living spaces, a complete lack of storage, low ceilings, surprising building structures, a house in which nothing is level or square, active, growing children and general life. I bet you do too.

My blog chronicles the before and afters we've completed and those we're still dreaming about, as well as the ins and outs of daily life with two children, the tall one and the small one. The tall one has sensory processing disorder, is highly dramatic and creative and just entered double digits. The small one is a self-declared inventor with whom we've embarked on a homeschooling adventure. Sometimes there are explorations in urban gardening and occasionally even recipes.