Junko Cheng

Hello!(In case you're wondering, my name is pronounced June-co.)I am a wife to... read more

Junko Cheng



(In case you're wondering, my name is pronounced June-co.)

I am a wife to David, mom to Josh and Meg, a musician, a songwriter, and author. We are Christ-followers navigating through life as a family, and I wanted to use this blog to share some of the lessons I've learned since becoming a mother.

I am Japanese-American and David is Chinese-American, both first generation in this country, which should already tell you that this is a perfect setup for Tiger Parenting. Oh sure, we both started out thinking we would get this parenting thing right, but soon our two babies humbled us big time and proved to us that we are not ultimately in control of their destiny. Who were we kidding? It wasn't long before this Tiger Mom began to more resemble a Panda Mom, and I'm here to chronicle this gradual metamorphosis.

I hope you can relate to some of my stories, and I invite you to comment and share some of your own stories here on this blog site.