The Haps on SNAP 2013

Last week I got the pleasure of attending SNAP 2013 just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Hundreds of creative bloggers from all over the country (and Canada!) flocked to a beautiful little place called Thanksgiving point to participate in this event. If you follow any creative bloggers on Instagram, your feed was probably blowing up with dozens of pictures of the same centerpiece, speaker, or event. It was really funny for me to sign onto my Instagram, only to see many other bloggers I've followed for so long posting pictures of the same thing I was looking at in person. ...more

Woodland Creature Brown Paper Bags

If you've seen many of my other tutorials, I'm sure you've noticed that I love animals and I love creative gift bags and boxes, and sometimes these two just happen to collide. Today I'm going to show you how to turn simple brown paper bags into three woodland creature gift bags: a hedgehog, a raccoon, and a fox....more