French toast for all my friends!

My husband hates making French toast.This wasn’t always the case. There was a time, as recently as a year or so ago, when making French toast was an event to which we all looked forward. A local bakery near the preschool the Three attended sold a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread that Scott would transform into French toast heaven. Sometime late in the week before a French toast event, I would begin buying up berries at the store.Occasionally, we would even have homemade whipped cream....more

Shelter for the swarm

The house had filled up with children.One washed up from a birthday party. Another seeped in through the door. A third trickled in with two of mine. I didn’t even notice until the number of children in the house was twice that of of my own, until there seemed to be an actual, bona fide crowd gathering in the living room.When I wasn’t looking, my band of Three had doubled so that now they were something to be navigated, a river to be forded....more

Blown by spring's witchy winds

I could hear it on the roof, scrabbling to get in while I stirred what was on the stove. It would stop and I would forget about it until, there it was again, banging around, trying to find a way inside. Spring. ...more

Marissa Mayer and the devolution of the working mother

Big news out of Yahoo this week when company CEO Marissa Mayer ended the company’s existing flexible working arrangements for employees. Staffers were collectively called home to their cubicles when the company announced that corporate productivity and creativity are only at their peak when the hive mind is actively engaged. The days of working from home in any formal capacity were over—at Yahoo, at least. ...more

Christmas queues & loving your neighbor

In the first line I stood in at a post office yesterday, the queue extended nearly to the door. The room was weirdly quiet—the sound muffled, I suppose, under the collective weight of the customers' expectations of service. Everyone stood focused on the sole employee processing and retrieving packages up ahead in the far distance.“Excuse me,” I said to the young woman in front of me who would eventually buy postage to mail 30 cards back to Canada, “but is there only one person working here?”...more

"You'll Be at All Three Shows, Right Mom?"

"You don’t have to only come to one show,” Roy told me. “My teacher told me you could come to all of them.”...more

My Daughter Told Other Kids She Doesn't Believe in Santa

Peaches told a significant portion of the second grade that she does not believe in Santa Claus. It is December after all, the time when many a seven-year-old heart turns to thoughts of presents and stockings and flying reindeer so, naturally, a conversation had sprung up about Santa’s impending travels. When one child shared that the hidden camera used to catch Santa’s visit to her home last year had failed to record his movements through her living room, the chatter became lively....more
This is funny. This is one of my concerns, as I don't plan to do Santa. Don't get me wrong, I'm ...more

The Case of the Missing Gym Clothes

Last week at middle school, Marcel’s gym clothes disappeared out of his locker.“I know I locked it!” he insisted of the state in which he had left his gym locker.He hadn’t, though, and so the lock along with all of the finery it had protected—one sixth-grade boy’s smelly gym shirt and shorts (the latter borrowed from his less-than-gracious younger brother)—were gone....more

Nearly late for a fowl date--at the Peabody Hotel

We nearly missed the march of the Peabody ducks.My lack of interest in doing a word problem correctly from start to finish nearly cost us our opportunity to watch the ducks on parade in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis.“How long is it from Oklahoma City to Memphis?” Scott asked.“It’s like six hours,” I told him sometime last week....more
I am so glad you got to see the ducks!  This was a cool read!more