What I Want My Boys to Know

I want them to know how to work on a car, take out the trash, and mow the yard.  I want to them to know how to cook a meal from start to finish and bake a cake from scratch....more

3 Reasons Why I'm Participating In #NaBloPoMo!

I happened to catch the updates about NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this year early enough to participate. I'm usually a day late and dollar short on these things, but this month? It's on! I'll be posting every single day this November. Do you think you can stand that much of me?...more

I Don't Want to Be a Perfect Mom; I Want to Be a Better One

I can't be the mom I want to be, if I just keep doing the same things wrong. I'm a good mom, and I love my kids more than life itself. But, I want to be a mom that doesn't yell. A mom that doesn't appear to be angry or aggravated. I want my kids to grow up knowing they brought me joy each and every day. I want them to look back and picture me smiling instead crying....more
@nikonMom It's a tough balance to find. being a mom is not easy, but today more than any other, ...more

School Happens: Other Homeschool Moms Make Me Feel Bad

Here's the thing: I read other homeschool blogs and moms are smiling as they let their children lead the way through the grace of an "unschooled" environment. Johnny is off writing his own book about rocket science and Mary is learning to be a fashion designer as she sews her life away. They don't need math or regular structured learning because they're so damn smart already that books are pretty much a waste of time. That's so NOT what things look like here. I wonder, am I alone in this?...more
I am late in responding to this post.  But it really touched me and I wanted to say a warm ...more