Turn a Mason Jar Into a Spillproof Cup with a Straw!

The glassware of choice in this house is the mason jar.  It's simple, easy to replace, durable and goes with all the dishes.  We are still working our way out of the every cup needs a lid phase of life with little ones...because if they don't have a lid... This inevitably happens.  On purpose and on naughty.  Yep.  ...more
This is definitely an amazing way for me to drink out of my mason jar on the go....without ...more

Why Can't A Mom Enjoy Elf On The Shelf At Christmas?

Warning. A "cranky, I've had it rant" follows. Hang with me, okay? Well here we are, barely into the month of December and already I've seen more bitterness about what some moms do over others in terms of the Christmas season. I've already read an ugly handful of articles that mock moms just like me, with dozens of people patting them on the back. And you know what? I'm already sick of it. ...more
Here I am raising my fist and shaking it in the air. Good job !! Well done !! My children are ...more

Stop the Envy: Focus Inward

I'm not sure why but the buzz of society today is to bring down anyone who is deemed "too successful".  Too successful = too evil.  Look around you, a corporation becomes too big = evil.  An athlete becomes to successful = he's greedy/on drugs/evil/etc.  Your neighbor gets a new car = evil/must be doing something wrong to be able to afford that.  A fellow blogger gets a book deal = she must be ignoring her kids to get that kind of success. ...more
I like your ideasmore

Kids and Allergies!

There aren't many moments outside of sleep where my boys are still.  The only things that slow them down are allergies and illness.  It stinks to see their pep stolen by runny, itchy noses and eyes.  They aren't in real school yet, but there are definitely days where their allergies get in the way of what they may have wanted to do.  I'm sure if they were in school, bothersome symptoms could have a drastic effect on their grades and overall performance.  I see them get distracted, irritated, and lethargic when their allergy symptoms are bothering them the most. Allergies definitely affect their sleep, too...runny noses equal lots of sniffling and nose-wiping in my house.  Restless nights don't stop them, but they sure slow down the boys. They love life, and I want to do anything I can to help them continue on with their joyful life as normal!  Kids are only kids once. I don’t want to let allergies rob them of it. ...more
One of the things we're doing to control allergies (mostly mine, but I've seen some signs in my ...more

Keep on Keepin' On!

Hey, hey friends! :) Welcome to my last installment of the Inspiration to Fitness series! It's been an adventure and I can't believe it's already been seven weeks since I started this whole, crazy (and mostly new) adventure! It's been a fun adventure that has stretched me and taught much more than I thought it would....more
It is so important to prepare and not overdo it in the begining, to avoid muscle sprains and ...more

Variety Equals Success!

I think I have finally arrived at my sweet spot friends!  I feel like I have fought and fought and fought and fought and worked to find something that works with me and my life and my family and I think I have finally gotten there!...more
Being flexible is key....no pun intended! I work out with Insanity form Beachbody as well as run ...more

I'm Seeing Results!

This weeks post is brought to you by the letter A. A for adaptation. My initial fitness goal for Inspiration to Fitness was to workout six times a week. And well, that's just not working out for me. At least not a "set of exercises for a set amount of time" sort of exercise six times a week. I am still doing the shred and exercising on a REGULAR basis, but now I know that for me and my family, that looks better at five days a week.  More in particular, the days of the week my husband works. ...more
So much of what you said is similar to how I feel! I too have been doing Jillian and if I do it ...more

Fitness is Family Time Now

It's been a good week. My slow start in this Inspiration to Fitness program has proven to be very beneficial in my journey... kind of like when you play with one of those pull back cars that go on their own. You know the ones, you pull them backwards, in the opposite direction that you want them to go and when you're ready, you let go! And off it goes! My slow start and determination has had that effect....more
Ahhh, that Jillian! I'm right now procrastinating on turning her on!!! I thinks walks are my ...more

Life and Exercise

My participation in BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness program has been a little better this week than last... but more than half of it was spent sick, which continued to be no fun at all.  I ended the week mostly back to normal which has been a great pace for life AND exercise. :) ...more

Roadblock, Schmoadblock!

Ugh. This week I hit a roadblock. My intentions for exercise were almost immediately sideswiped by a nasty head cold that has made it difficult to stand let alone exercise. ...more