I'm a mama, wife, fancy lady, writer, master word maker upper and a lover- not a fighter. 

I grew two small humans. A boy and a girl. I strive to be a relaxed parent and also to not wear sweat pants everyday. My son lives with sensory processing difficulties  and my daughter was diagnosed with several serious food allergies and asthma.  My husband is a chef (SCORE!). We adjust our definition of normal on the daily.

I am on a quest to reclaim my fancy but the ease with which I slide into flip flops is not helping. I'll get there.  I am on a journey back to health.  I am chronicling my weight-loss. My goal is 100 pounds.  I'm gonna do it. 

I am a feminist, liberal, tree-hugging, pacifist, full-term breastfeeding, Unitarian Universalist patriot.  But what scares people most is that I practice attachment parenting.  I promise that you will never catch me judging those who are not these things.  Above all I am a humanist who believes in the inherent worth and dignity of all people. 

I am a tireless advocate for those impacted by domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and homelessness.  

It may not seem like it after all that bummer up there but I am funny, too. I swear. 

And I blog about all of it.

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