10 Reasons I'm Not Having a Third Child

Dear Future Self, One day in the not so near future you are going to hold a baby and think “Awwww, I want another baby” No you do not! ...more
I think 2 is a nice number.  It has a really nice ring to it.more

My Name is Tracy and I Throw Things

@Rita Arens I should channel it into exercise, that would do wonders for bikini season this ...more

This Is What I Have Been Longing For

A baby’s head is so perfectly round it was obviously made to be cupped by a mother’s hand. I listen to the slow, heavy, rhythmic breathing....more

What's Your Goal?

"What's your goal here today?"...more

Do You Have to Be Patient to Be a Good Mom?

Ever since he was born, I have been searching for my long lost patience. My #1 prayer, when I get the chance to pray, is for God to grant me patience. I was telling this to my church circle back in Jacksonville and one of the ladies joked that I better be careful what I ask for, because He may just take that as a request for more situations that test my patience! My first thought was, "Oh Lord, if that's the case, man you have a sick sense of humor!" But regardless, as Noah grew and I got more sleep and I eventually quit my job, I felt some of this patience return. Not a lot, but some. ...more
@valerielarson Funny you should mention that! Unfortunately this post was written a while ago. ...more

The Mommy Mindset

Today’s Must Have Monday is not about a product. I have several things that we use that I want to share with you, but both kids are requiring  A LOT of attention and I haven’t had time to take any photos yet. So instead I’m going to share something that I have learned as a Mom and has really been put to the test recently.The Mommy Mindset This is what keeps me sane. Well some of the time. Mostly I’m a nutcase, but I really do try!...more

Focus on Hope

I was devastated to learn about the shooting last week. In the wake of this tragedy I would like to share a few things that I read recently. Each of these readings are profound and beautiful, but the combination of the three have had an immeasurable impact on me and how I hope to move forward. This first excerpt is from an email I received from our pastor. ...more

Can't We All Just Get Along

These mommy wars are pretty crazy. You get to see the front lines of it on the internet. just look for those controversial titles and then scroll down to the comments. Or better yet, find a high profile mom blogger and go check out their Facebook page. Those comments get going like a Bump message board....more