Why Motherhood is the Best/Worst Decision You'll Ever Make

You really do have to give a tip of your hat to American mothers.  Any way you look at it, we are pretty extraordinary....more

The Gender Pay Gap Is a Symptom, Not Cause of Inequity

Washington Post Economics columnist Robert Samuelson recently asked What's the Real Gender Pay Gap?  His answer is that it is much lower than the reported 21%, and probably explained by women's (slightly) less experience and tendency to congregate in lower paying jobs like cashiers, health care aides, and receptionists.  ...more
But the persisting gap could have other causes. There’s 'the motherhood wage penalty': Women ...more

Earth Day: What If Moms Get Together to Help Climate Change?

What are the chances that hanging out in a friend’s living room would lead you to call your Governor and state legislators, send letters to your local paper and present climate change data to your town council? It happened to Lisa Fitzgibbons at a house party in Cambridge, Massachusetts when she discovered Mothers Out Front and its mission to combat climate change on the grassroots level. ...more

Equal Pay Day... For Moms?

Equal Pay Day arrives this year on April 12, representing the extra three months and 12 days it takes a full-time, year round working woman to earn on average what a full-time, year round working man did in 2015....more

Women's History Is Something We Make

It's time we made some history of our own, right here and right now....more

Mothering in a Mad, Mad World


Senator Patton, Sweetie, You're Wrong!

 Dear Senator Patton:...more

Presidential Candidates: More Talk on Family Economics, Please!

Now that 2016 is here, it's no longer safe to ignore the jockeying of presidential candidates for position.  Both Democrats and Republicans have held several debates, and there's been no lack of chest pounding and saber rattling.  Personally, I'd love to hear a rational conversation about issues we all share and serious proposals to address them.  Instead, it's a silly game of jeers, smears, and one-upsm...more
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