The Most Expensive Decision You'll Ever Make

  What happens when women more than men interrupt their careers to raise their kids or care for other family members who need help?...more

Trump Surprises and Disappoints on Paid Leave & ChildCare

  Since the GOP convention in July, wonks have been wondering – will he or won’t he?  Will Donald Trump follow through on daughter Ivanka’s promise that he would address access to childcare and paid time off for new parents?  Yesterday, he did!...more

The Breeding Ground - A Place for Parents


'Bad Moms': Real Moms or Reel Moms?

I finally carved out some time last weekend to see Bad Moms with two of my mom friends. We laughed. One of us cried. Then we talked....more
my Aunty Violet got a nice 6 month old Chevrolet Corvette 427 read the ...more

Pregnant Women, Zika, and Fury

 I was used to the state of general disrespect towards pregnant women we have in the US.  But this Zika thing has put me right over the edge....more

Where Does Our National Security Come From?

It baffles me that the most common problems in American households are not getting more attention during this campaign season. Every single person in the US has received care from parents or other family members.  Nearly all of us will or already have had to care for a child, an aging parent, spouse, partner, or an ill family member. Care is no longer transacted outside the national economy.  It’s increasingly right in the middle of it!...more
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Give Dad A Hand This Father's Day

 father and son smiling at the beachIt's taken a long time, decades in fact, but there is real change in the lives of fathers. Finally....more

United State of Women - Watch It!


Put Mom In The Game

My friend Leith Greenslade has been hard at work on her Motherhood + Public Power Index, an effort to get more mothers into powerful positions around the world.  Her 2016 report on mothers in power in the US and China includes this fact:  "Mothers do slightly better in the United States, holding 16 of the top 160 jobs (10%), compared to mothers in China, who hold just seven of the 160 most powerful positions (4%)."...more

Why Motherhood is the Best/Worst Decision You'll Ever Make

You really do have to give a tip of your hat to American mothers.  Any way you look at it, we are pretty extraordinary....more
it's both the greatest and the worst, but you will never regret having kidsmore