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cenobyte is a writer and freelance editor who lives in the Qu'Appelle Valley in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada. She has been blogging since 2001, and in her non-blogging life, she is fortunate to work in the publishing industry. She wrote her first "novel" at the age of eight (it was about a girl who, after suffering a riding accident, discovers she has a dรถppelganger in a parallel universe) and has been fortunate to have studied her art with some of the best writers in the world.

When not writing, she enjoys storytelling, music, roleplaying games, knitting, building, LARP, acting, long walks on the beach, pina coladas...oh wait, no...she hates pina coladas. In high school, her best friend started calling them "pina clottas", and that pretty much ruined the whole pina colada experience for cenobyte for the rest of her life. It really wasn't a stretch, either, because the fact is that the Home Economics students who'd made posters for the cafeteria advertising their wares had spelled it "pina cloda". And in that high school, there was a *pretty good chance* that if something said it was clotted, it really actually was clotted, and not in the really good 'clotted cream' manner, either. It'd be more like the really disgusting, lumpy, sweat-sock-Doritos sort of 'clotted' thing, and honestly, all this talk about clotty things is making everyone a little green around the gills, so let's just move on, SHALL WE?

cenobyte has done a little bit of a great deal of really cool things, including dressing up as a gerund for Hallowe'en. ....nobody knew what a 'gerund' was except a very kind hobo who was nice enough to ask about it.