...Many times these escapades result in the unconscious gathering of treasures. Other times the results are only bruises, cuts or scrapes. ..To read the full post click here....more

Snow Days.

I'm sitting in Philosophy class and there's a debate on Divine Command Theory. I'm going to avoid getting too much involved in a heated discussion, by distracting myself with posting photos of our snow day here in Abbotsford. It was Vini's first week here and we got our biggest (and only) snow day of the year, and...Click Here for more + photos....more


I realize my blog posts have become sporadic and random lately...While Papa is a Preacher is the equivalent of "home" for me on the internet, it has been exciting to be so busy at "home" (and it's surrounding areas outside of my comfort zone) in the real world.      I'm currently a piano teacher teaching intro to piano to kids, and also hold a position as a Social Media TA at my school. This spring I have started my second year of university (what?!) and am enjoying school immensely....more

If You Give a Little Love.

This week I saw this video (below) floating around in my Facebook newsfeed. I rarely watch/click on things people share because one thing leads to another and your time is just consumed into a big dark black hole after that first click and although it can be fun to see where the rabbit whole leads. well .. . there just isn't time. But the title to this video caught my attention and the date it was posted was marked as my birthday so .. I mean come on .. it had to be good right? And it was. ...more

To The Girl Who Made Me Cry.

To say I never cry would not be entirely true. I do cry. Quite more than I care to admit, see. But I never cry in front of others. Ever. I lock myself in bathrooms, wait 'til everyone's asleep, bite my lip and think of hundreds of scenarios other people are going through that are thousands of times worse than whatever it is that's making me want to spill over. Recently it's been getting harder and harder to keep a stiff upper lip, I don't know, maybe it's something that comes with age, you get more sensitive and more things get to me. Who knows?...more
I quite enjoyed your rant and your style! I love how you put this in perspective for yourself.  ...more

A Mother's Note.

Last year on my birthday, my mother wrote a short paragraph and I posted it on the blog. This year, she came up with another note to post so I would have the day off from blogging. So with "sweating eyes" I typed it out and am posting now. I love my mother. I love my family. And this, is what I'm thankful for. Today Larissa is turning eighteen. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank God, the Creator, for giving us Larissa. Every year as Victor and then Larissa's birthday nears, my mind begins to wander back through memory lane....more

The Magic of a Box: Goodbye, Fort Days

This past summer Victor and the neighbors' kid made a fort out of a couple of cardboard boxes we had from our move... and tooth picks, scraps of rope, and lots of glue gunning. They spent several days building it and then playing with it for weeks with their Lego men. Now autumn is almost over and between school being back, newspaper routes to be... routed, and the cold settling in, the fort has become a bit derelict and its roof has begun to sag. I decided I'd document it before its inevitable collapse to the forces of winter weather....more
We've made forts before but never ever EVER like this. This is amazing!more

DIY Recipe Box

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a couple of photos on Instagram of a crafty project I had been working on. Well, I've finally managed to put it together into a post. Hope you enjoy! ...more

May TidBits.

 I had good intentions today, really. I was going to write about Wendy Watts, and how she's a little crazy. She's like a cross between Miss Frizzle and her pet, Liz. I was going to write about her fire red hair that is never obedient, about her quirky personality, her iconic full white skirt and beaded jewelry, each bead having a story to tell....more

An Interview with Agápe Bridal.

 Agápe Bridal. Agápe. Hum. What does that mean? How do you pronounce it? The dresses on the front window are stunning. The store is beautiful and smells brand new. Dresses are hung neatly in racks and the wooden floor is gleaming. As I open the door and walk in, the woman behind the beautiful granite counter smiles. Her name is Sue. She co-owns Agápe Bridal with her daughter, Amber. We sit down and our interview is soon underway. ...more