What Do Fit Shaming, Fat Shaming, Slut Shaming, and Mom Shaming Have in Common?

I remember the first time someone called me fat in an internet comment. We were having a debate about the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. The person on the other side of the conversation was saying incredibly offensive homophobic things, and I was working very hard to stay level and calm. He then told me that my "girth" would prevent me from joining the military so I didn't get to have an opinion. Then he bragged that he didn't care what a "fat liberal feminist" thought anyway. ...more
I feel so sad that you had to put up with so much abuse online.  I once wrote an article for the ...more

Camp Gyno: Periods, Knowledge, and Power

If you haven't heard of it by now, you've clearly been without internet access for a few days. A tampon commercial is going viral on social media. I'm happy to present this piece by my friend C.S. Jack who gives a thoughtful analysis of why so many people (especially adult women) are impressed with it....more
Also, it would be better if the ad promoted reusable pads and menstrual cups, but I know that's ...more

Reflections on White Privilege While Raising a Child of Color: I Am Not Trayvon Martin's Mom

I remember the very first time that I felt the complete and utter helplessness of motherhood, the ability for the flipside of all that love to bubble up as terror at the thought of what you cannot control. My daughter was two days old, and we were checking into a hospital because she had elevated bilirubin levels and needed some time on the UV lights. I hadn't slept for more than thirty minutes for over 70 hours, and I had just given birth. When the nurse told us we were being admitted, I burst into tears....more

Reflections on White Privilege While Raising a Child of Privilege, Part 1: The Silences I Don't Hear

Cross posted from Balancing Jane.  A few days before the 2013 Oscars, I was reading some online commentary about the nominees. In the middle of the page was a picture of Quvenzhané Wallis from the set of Beasts of the Southern Wild. My two-year-old daughter peered over my shoulder, pointed to Wallis’ face, and said her own name....more

Some Tips on Balancing

Everyone told me that becoming a full-time faculty member would be a huge change in my time management, but I had also been working an 8-5, so I thought I was well-prepared. ...more

Abandoned Babies & Terrible Mothers: Media Coverage Bias

A tragedy has unfolded in my city. Last week, a six-month-old baby (who was black) was found in the hallway of an apartment complex, strapped into his car seat, healthy but alone. The media reported that the baby was found there with no clues to his identity or how he came to be alone in an apartment complex. The comments quickly filled up with thoughts like this, from Marilyn Williams:...more
@bellejarblog Yes, Anne! I have been interested in you since you first started to post. All is ...more

How Daddy Bloggers Could Change Parenting for the Better

  Nathan Hegedus has a post on why daddy bloggers are an important and necessary part of the new parental landscape. Before we dissect that, let's look at an earlier article from this week about mommy bloggers. Lisa Belkin takes a look at a study on mom bloggers that finds: ...more

Does A Comic's Joke About Rape Speak to A Larger Problem?

Perhaps you've caught wind of the mess involving a former Second City employee in Chicago who told a story on an open mic. In the story, a slightly drunk female customer gives a Second City waiter her number and tells him to call her. The waiter has a girlfriend, isn't interested, and passes the number off to the "joke"-teller. He calls the woman, pretending to be the waiter, and she invites him over. When he shows up, clearly not the man she was expecting, she tells him to leave. ...more
It's rape, pure and simple. And you are no feminist. You are a rape apologist.more