The Worst Green Gifts for Eco-Newbies

I'm guilty: I'm an Elitist Gifter. At least, I have been in the past. I just think whatever thing I've been using, or food I've been eating, or book I've been reading has been so gosh-danged fabulous I just have to pass it along. My very own version of Oprah's Favorite Things, if you will, but with less hysteria and sobbing. Well, maybe some sobbing---green gifts aren't always appreciated. ...more
A very fine line to walk! I know I'm guilty of being Green Oprah with my favourite things. I'm ...more

Grandmom's Chocolate Cake

My grandmother knew a little somethin' about pizzazz: she always added something extra to things, a special topper on a package, a pretty brooch to a jacket, a secret ingredient to a recipe....more
@victorias_view I have lots of grandmother recipes, but not one for cake! I love this particular ...more

Epigenetics: the funky term you NEED to understand

Epigenetics. This funky word is why I write, why I blog, why I post the hell out of links on Facebook (which most likely drives my non-reader friends nuts), and why I am so committed to eating healthfully and living naturally. To put it simply, epigenetics is the idea that environmental factors can affect our genetic makeup, to the point where sometimes “identical” twins end up, well, not so identical....more

Do You Know What Autism Looks Like?

Do you know what autism looks like?I can't say that I do....more

Breastfeeding and NASCAR: Not So Different After All

I'll put it out there straight: I'm not a NASCAR fan. I will even go so far to say I hate everything surrounding NASCAR: the culture, the petroleum usage, the NOISE. But with millions of fans and billions of dollars in revenue, I am clearly in the minority when it comes to opinions about the, ahem, sport....more

This Chicken Has Bones In It

I talked with a friend yesterday about cooking, admitting that I'm cooking a lot more meat lately than I have in years. (In case you haven't been following along, I started eating meat again fairly recently.) My friend responded that she cooks only certain types of meat because she is unsure of what to do with it; bones, ligaments, skin--I get it. It can be a lot to stomach. ...more