Making Friends as an Adult

Image Source : Valerie Everett FlickrI remember as a child going to the first day of class and feeling like I had been introduced to a whole new world. A fresh new lot of faces every year. More kids meant more friends to be made. As an adult, making friends has become much more challenging....more
It's so hard to make friends after college!more

I'm Saving Money with a No Spend Challenge

Thanks to the inspiration of The Budget Mama I have decided to take an oath to not spend outside of a strict budget for the whole month of March. The way a no spend challenge works is you don't spend any money on anything that is a non-essential. You still pay your bills, still buy groceries, you just go a month without all of the luxuries and extras. ...more
I would join except that this challenge is actually how I must live every month, no choice ...more

Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

One of the great staples in my diet have always been smoothies. I have gone through a ton of recipes and over time picked out the tried and true ones that were my go-to. The following is a green smoothie recipe that I've tweaked to suite my taste buds....more

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Look Your Best on a First Date

  Image Source : Sergey Sus vis Flickr I’ve always been a relationship kind of girl... or at least I had been....more
It really is a shame some girls feel that way and I think our society and media mold women to ...more

10 Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Ideas for Adults

Working an 8-5 desk jobs has its pros and cons. I’ve been happy to transition into weekday only work as I used to work as a waitress and didn’t have my weekends to enjoy with friends and family. One of the main downsides though is being at a desk for 8 hours and not having many options to eating healthy. Preparation is key for anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle....more