Erica Holloway

Erica Holloway is a BlogHer Politics & News Contributing Editor. The public... read more

Erica Holloway


Erica Holloway is a BlogHer Politics & News Contributing Editor. The public relations strategist serves Houston and San Diego. Learn about her company, Galvanized Strategies.


Galvanized Strategies founder Erica Holloway specializes in personalized, award-winning public relations for clients seeking to grow influence and business development, build on a brand and establish thought leadership.

In addition to public relations clients, the prolific political blogger and pundit is a nationally-syndicated contributing editor for the News & Politics pages of BlogHer. She also serves as an administrator of center-right blog, SDRostra and as a San Diego correspondent for the Flash Report. Her insights on news and current events are sought regularly by CNN, Headline News and HuffingtonPost Live.

Her first love was journalism. She spent seven years in newsrooms as a copy editor, page designer, photographer and award-winning reporter. Later, Holloway served as the Director of Communications for California state Senator Dennis Hollingsworth and San Diego County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price.

The Michigan native graduated cum laude from Western Michigan University with a degree in English and journalism.