Finding -- and Fine-Tuning -- Your Path to Career Success

When I began my freshman year in college in New York, I had one goal in mind; to live in the city and to make it as a journalist. I was on the right track as I secured internships with Paper Magazine my junior year and then both an art and editorial internship back to back with Time Inc. working at Teen People magazine. And then just a week into my senior year, 9/11 happened, and months later my grandfather died of cancer. I began questioning this path I was on. What mattered most to me? Did I really want this dream of NYC? Was I really ready for it? So I packed up, headed home to Florida, and then a month later headed out to Seattle, still very confused. ...more Thanks for such kind words! I'm thinking as my daughter...who is only 3 ...more

The 2013 Grammys Are Coming! It's Time To Talk Predictions

I get giddy around awards season. And my absolute favorite show to watch is the Grammys because, you know, all those amazing performances. I especially love to see who they pair up each year to make some music history. But most importantly, music plays a huge role in my life. My husband and I met through music. We connected through music. And now, we spend each day exposing our daughter to some of our favorite music with nightly dance parties as the vinyl spins during bed time. It’s a ritual, if you will....more

Remember These? Retro Thanksgiving Sitcom Episodes!

As the Holiday Season is upon us, there are so many traditions to relish in. From spending time with family, to nomming delicious food, and starting new traditions with my daughter, November and December are some stellar months. Alongside all these fun times, there is also the traditional vegging out on the couch, not worrying about work, to watch the boob tube, especially as the sitcom holiday episodes start to roll in....more
@Julie Ross Godar  I knew I could count on you to say this.more

A DVR Addict's Guide To Your Fall TV Picks!

As a working teacher momma, I find myself frazzled with every new fall season. Thank heavens for my DVR....more
@JennaHatfield The season opening show of SVU was insane. INSANE! I only catch it if I'm not ...more

The Olympics Catapult Music Up the Charts

Music plays such an important role in my life. I get such visceral reactions as I hear a song and can pinpoint a moment in time when that song or band meant something so very important to me. Music helps to tell my life story and so many others do the same as we think back to fond memories of mix tapes to sleepover dance parties to that song that played when you danced at your wedding or to that tune that reminds you of a missed family member or friend. And when there are even bigger stories behind the music, it makes it that much more palpable for all....more
All of the performances at the Olympics tonight were amazing. I especially loved the return of ...more

"So You Think You Can Dance" Top 20: Have You Picked A Favorite?

I'm so glad that So You Think You Can Dance has a summer season. It’s been a while since I’ve been hooked in like this, but how could I not be with such raw talent and amazing choreographed pieces? It’s especially joyous when I watch DVR recordings with my 2.5 year old daughter, who feels dance in her soul and tries her best to mimic all the dance moves, subsequently providing her two cents to let me know if she likes a performance or not....more
I've watched every season and love this show - so much better than DWTS.  It's too early for me ...more

A Summer of Movies: What's On Your List?

As the weather warms up, so are this year’s summer flicks. It’s all about those comedy/dramas, with fresh indie plot lines, the family movies that parent’s look forward to just as much as the kids, the action packed sequels to the poetic documentaries. It can be really hard to pick through all the up and coming films, to decide what's worth seeing, so I’ve broken them down for you, category by category, with some definite must see pictures....more
I wish I had taken your advice and seen Madagascar 3.  Here is my review of Brave.  It was not a ...more

What To Expect When You're Expecting: More Than Just a Comedy

When you become pregnant, or really if you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, just about every women purchases the pregnancy bible What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which covers just about every aspect of conceiving, carrying a baby, and even the first 6 weeks post giving birth. With 90% of pregnant women reading along, it was a no brainer to turn Heidi Murkoff’s book into a film about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy....more
I wasn't planning on seeing it, and I thought it looked stupid.  I ended up seeing it because it ...more

Reminiscing with 'American Reunion': Top 5 Movies About High School

Can you believe it's been over a decade since the slice of pie seen 'round the world? American Reunion is coming out this week and if you're like me, your own high school experiences begin to come to the forefront whenever the world “reunion” is involved....more
 @Julie Ross Godar EXTREME torture for sure!more

Clinging to Each Other

When you’re pregnant, you have all these expectations of what those first moments with your baby will be like. The joy. The tears of happiness. The smiles that never seem to end. I had all of those thoughts floating around in my head. But for me, the reality of those picture perfect moments were clouded. I became numb. The expectations of joy and tears of happiness and endless smiles quickly turned to fear and doubt and worry. And 15 hours after giving birth, I was alone in a hospital room as my husband followed an ambulance up the highway to a children’s hospital, and all because of stridor and trouble breathing and aspirating while trying to eat. She was stable, and I was numb....more
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