Should You Worry About Counting Calories?

As a Dietitian, I'm used to friends and family coming to me with their nutrition concerns. Recently, a friend told me, quite dismayed, that her favorite quinoa bowl contains over 1,000 calories. Looking confused, she asked, "Isn't quinoa healthy?" I told her that the amount of calories in a food doesn't determine its nutritional value. Instead, nutrient density should determine the health value of a food. ...more
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Kim on 'Better Call Saul' Has to Fight Her Way Up the Career Ladder

Television loves stories about men at work. The Breaking Bad prequel/spin-off Better Call Saul is a show about such a man—a shady lawyer with an inflatable Statue of Liberty on his strip-mall roof and an ostentatious Constitution mural in his office. It’s about where this man came from, and maybe also where he’s going after his work forces him to adopt a new identity as a Cinnabon manager in Omaha. ...more
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You Need to Pay Attention to Your URLs if You Want More Blog Traffic

It's probably the last thing you're thinking about, but one of the most important parts of a successful blog post is the URL. A well-structured and beautiful looking URL will help readers find your site and search engines index it. So, how do you write the perfect URL for blog posts? ...more
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What Should You Share on Facebook?

When it comes to social networks, Facebook is the one that people love to hate. Most folks couldn’t imagine living without their personal page if even for a few hours. It’s how we all stay connected to our family and friends, get the latest news: Let's face it, Facebook pretty much functions as a virtual town hall. There’s always something happening on Facebook. ...more
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How to Get More Out of Twitter Chats

I am here to tell you that not only is it possible for you to survive a Twitter chat, but it is also possible to benefit from it! I took part in my first Twitter Chat with The Peony Project and absolutely loved it. You may be wondering: What exactly is a Twitter Chat? It is a live Twitter event, usually moderated and focused on a single topic. A hashtag is used to filter all the chatter on Twitter into a single conversation. A set time is also established so that the moderator, guest or host is available to engage in the conversation. ...more
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How to Create the Perfect Fall Hostess Gift

If you're looking for a cute hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner or a fun party, we’ve got you covered! These adorable DIY pumpkin flower arrangements are the perfect fall hostess gift, incorporating the number one fall essential (a pumpkin, of course!) and seasonal flowers! ...more
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3 Simple Steps to Finally Learn Manual Mode on Your DSLR Camera

Today we're going to take the mystery out of the manual mode on your camera. For my Joyfully Green blog, photography is my number-one priority, and I shoot almost exclusively in manual mode because I like to take creative control of the shots -- not let my camera do all the work for me....more
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How to Not Be a Social Media Fool on April Fools Day

If you don't see me on Facebook today, it's because y'all have lost my trust on April 1st. Last year's slew of fake pregnancy announcements still make me cringe. April Fools Day isn't about jerking people's emotions around. The best pranks get the person laughing, not crying. Unlike the pranks that you perform at home or in the office targeting one person or a small group, the ones you do on the Internet go out to everyone that reads your blog or follows you on social media. That's a pretty diverse group. ...more
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It's National Chili Day: Celebrate With a REAL Texas Recipe!

How long has it been since you've had a big, thick steaming bowl of REAL Texas chili? Well, that's too long. Here's an easy recipe for the real thing for National Chili Day today!...more
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7 Things I Didn't Know About the Oscars Until I Was In the Audience

“I need a dress!” I posted on Facebook the day the Oscar nominations were announced. My husband’s first documentary had made the list and—against all odds—we were going to the Oscars.  That was four years ago, and as the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony approaches, I feel the excitement build up again. I can hear the crowds screaming, see the glaring lights, feel the red carpet under my five-inch heels. It was every bit as glamorous as I had expected, and more. But along the way I ran into a few surprises. ...more
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