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Jane Schonberger


Jane Schonberger is a product development consultant and content strategist with a background in traditional and digital media. She works primarily with sports, entertainment and lifestyle brands and has extensive experience with content production, licensing, syndication and distribution as well as sponsorship and marketing. Her track record of success includes identifying growth opportunities and market trends along with conceptualizing and creating media for delivery on a variety of consumption platforms. As both an executive and a consultant she has worked with creators, publishers and brands to develop a diverse slate of multimedia projects designed to drive audience and user engagement as well as generate revenue.

Schonberger began her career in New York City as Director of Production for Warner Audio (a division of Warner Publishing) and relocated to Los Angeles where she served stints as an Editor-at-Large for Hyperion and production and/or creative executive for Walt Disney Co., Mommy & Me, Inc. and Fox among others.

Schonberger is currently the Managing Partner of Pretty Tough LLC, a media and lifestyle company whose products include a series of YA novels published by Penguin USA and an original online video series produced by Vuguru. She is also the Co-Founder of WomenTalkSports.com. the premier aggregator of sports blogs and journalism by and about women as well as the Sports Editor for BlogHer.

Schonberger is also the mom of two teenage daughters, who challenge and inspire her everyday and make her eligible to play in the Mom's Basketball League at her local gym. Connect on Linkedin.

Find Jane on Twitter at @jschonb or @PrettyTough.