Teaching Kids Responsibility with Marble Jars

Okay, want to know what’s pretty freaking cool? Independent kids. No, I’m not talking about potty training -- though no longer wrestling with diapers and being able to trust my kidlets are wiping themselves well okayish I think they wipe?... okay just being able to trust that my kids know where the toilet paper lives is enough right now......more
@Waffle-Wednesday Ah, a Chore Wheel sounds great, too! And glad I could help! :)more

Facebook Makes My Life Better. No, Really.

Whine, moan. Copy and paste. Status notifications of IMPENDING GLOBAL DOOM because Facebook has made something or other public that wasn't meant to be.Ho hum.I clearly don't have much of an issue with perceived privacy, or I wouldn't be oversharing over here on the lovely interweb, so that debate is a bit of a non-starter.You know what I love about Facebook, changes and all? Facebook has truly reconnected me to a few people in my life that I had sort of resigned to the past.Other people - not so much. You know who I mean, I know you do....more
I LOVE it! And no, we'll never stop blogging. Because who's food would I salivate over every ...more

Uh...We Had a Stockpile? What I Learned from Project $34.27

First, I learned that we have a stockpile....more


Over the last couple of months I've had meetings with our insurance agent. He ...more

Cloth Diapers...Better Late Than Never?

Here's some news: diapers are expensive.More breaking news: I'm cheap.So why do I have two kids wearing disposable diapers? Also, since we're asking the really tough questions today, why do I have two kids wearing disposable diapers after I bought a set of cloth diapers from a friend of mine? Come to that, why did I sell them two years later having used them once (once)?...more

As far as the link goes, I only sort of agree with one part of it. Econobum covers are pretty ...more

Stealth Blogging

I'm stealth blogging this morning.My alarm went off at six and scared me. It shouldn't have, since I set it. But it's been so long since I've woken up to something other than Jr lifting up his legs and letting them CRASH! back down on the crib mattress, or Miss standing at the top of the stairs to our bedroom saying "I had a good, good sleep" and pooping her pants that it was startling....more

Project Grocery: The Make-Ahead Oatmeal Report (With Brulee)

Project Grocery is in its eighth week already, and although my overwhelming feeling is that I'm sucking it up at spending only $120 per week on groceries and things bought at grocery stores (diapers, cleaning supplies, cat food...the list is endless), I just added up my totals and - against all odds - am succeeding....more

The "A Day in the Life of" project - calling all bloggers

I admit, I'm a peeping Mrs. I love hearing about what other people do with their days, and I want to hear what you do with your day.Either blog about it and tell me, or I'd be happy to guest-host your post.The Mrs seems to be blogging a lot about books, kids, food, food failure, and eyeball surgery....more

I like it, Jasmine. I'm thinking for those who have already blogged about it I'll link to ...more

Don't Blame Molly: Another Food Failure From The Mrs

I've blogged a lot about my ugly kitchen, and some of the things that redeem it for me. Obviously, the fact that it is where the food lives is- to me, at least - my kitchen's strongest point in its favour.I've also mentioned Molly Wizenberg a fair amount, and her delicious book A Homemade Life, which I gobbled up on Saturday. When I should have been resting my eyeball....more

i love the night life

So last night was one for the books (and no, I don't know what books they are. Just "the books", right?). On the heels of a close-to-perfect evening, full of kitchen time, we had a night like no other.Jr, for some truly inexplicable reason, was mad at my right boob, and so ate half-meals for the last half of the day. Which meant he woke up at ten, when I got into bed (no, you're lame). And then again at midnight. And at two....more