What's New On Pinterest? A Live Revolution is Brewing!

What’s new on Pinterest? It’s a doozey! Join us tonight as we turn Pinterest on its head and help make some Pinterest history.I love Pinterest so much that I’ve been trying to use the site in new ways....more

5 Ways to Add Romance to Dinner and 25 Recipes for Valentine's Day

Romance shouldn’t be hard work for a married couple. When two people know each other well it should be easy to laugh, talk, flirt, hold hands, and gaze into each other’s eyes. And yet, when we’re so busy, it can be difficult to let that easy romance happen. ...more
@followzan We have a big kitchen and yet we also get in each other's way. Maybe wise minds think ...more

Simple Recipes for Weeknights

Here are my best tips for getting dinner on the table in a quick, easy (and sometimes even healthy) way. Simple Dinner Tip #1 Make use of leftovers. We hear it all the time, we know it’s a good idea, but then we forget all about it. But seriously, if you’re roasting a chicken for Sunday dinner, cook an extra one alongside it. ...more

What Does The Word "Natural" Mean When It Comes To Food?

Have you heard about California’s Proposition 37 which would require the labeling of all genetically modified foods? What do you think about it? It’s at tricky one right?I’m not in California and manyof you aren’t either. I therefore don’t want to go down the road of debating the actual proposition. What I would like to do is talk about one part of it and find out what you think....more

Is Candy Craziness O.K. On Halloween?

My son is candy-obsessed. Should I be worried?We attended a Halloween party at the Y last week. There were carnival games set up and J was excited to play them. He then found out that success at a game was rewarded with a lollipop.Candy as a prize? Suddenly those gameswere even more thrilling....more

8 Tips for Getting Dinner on the Table for Back to School Week

 Most kids are back to school this week and us parents are getting back into the routine as we start looking for quick, easy and healthy dinners. In honor of this autumnal tradition, Cook the Story offers 8 tips for getting dinner on the table, jam-packed with easy dinner examples, simple recipes and more. ...more

A Grilling Chat Inspires a Make Ahead BBQ Meal

Summer is going by WAY too fast. It’s been so crazy around here that we’ve barely had the chance to enjoy it. The hubs has been traveling a lot. I’ve been traveling a lot. The kids have been running around a lot (yes, even the wee one. She’s beyond crawling already and is pulling up and cruising the furniture)....more

Garlic Toast Salad With Sun Dried Tomatoes

Have you ever had bread salad?No? Why not?I bet you think it’s just a pile of soggy bread, right?Until last month I was totally one of those why-would-I-eat-a-pile-of-soggy-bread people.Was I ever wrong. Well, not about the soggy bread. The bread is soggy. But I was wrong to think that soggy bread is a bad thing. Turns out soggy bread is a very very good thing....more
I swear my stomach growled when I looked at that photo. And ok, I am very late for lunch but ...more

Stop Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week -- Unless You're Going to Do Something Else

Back when I was teaching in Canada (Linguistics courses at the University of Toronto), there was no Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m not even sure there was a Teacher Appreciation Day. And I find myself wondering if there should be one anywhere.Don't get me wrong. I know from experience that teachers work hard. I know that they are vital to the continuing success of our society and even of our planet. In my opinion, education, and therefore teachers, are key to just about everything.So why don't I think we should have Teacher Appreciation Week? Because I don't think society is truly appreciating teachers the way that we should....more
very interesting points. i agree. i think during TAW they should give teachers the FREEDOM to ...more

Homemade Cooking Cream

I *love* having really versatile items in my fridge. Give me a tomato, a red onion and some cheddar cheese; I’ll give you one hundred dinner ideas (other ingredients required, of course!).That’s why I adore this recipe. I call it Homemade Cooking Cream because it can be used in all the ways you might use Philly Cooking Cream. But, you don’t have to buy an extra product AND you can season it up any way you like....more