Shannon Carroll (Mr Lady)


Shannon Carroll is the Conference Programming Manager at BlogHer, and the blogger behind Whiskey In My Sippy Cup Shannonigans {dot} co, yo, a critically acclaimed blog about nothing in particular. According to the Internet, she is also occasionally Redneck Mommy, which means it must be true. 

Shannon started blogging in January of 2005, before the time of plugins and widgets, which is the equivalent of remembering what is was like to use a rotary phone for something other than winning a street fight. 

She is the mother of a teenaged son, a tween boy and an elementary-aged daughter, which means that everyone in her house absolutley *loves* K$sha, just for very different reasons. 

She is a liberal who believes in flat tax, an atheist with an impressive collection of crucifixes, and hates reggee but thinks that Redemption Song may be the finest piece of music ever penned by man. She is terrified of spiders, heights and balloons, dreams of one day being a gangsta rapper and is physically incapable of keeping a hamster alive, or baking cookies.